MKR – Sun – seafood lunch

MKR Sun chat: Group 2 cooks a seafood lunch. The loser goes into the sudden death cook-off with the cap wearer and his sister (who I reckon could go a long way in the comp if they can simplify their dishes).



  1. Andy said she scored according but in the last sudden death cook off, she gave a team a 9. None of the teams deserved a 9

  2. I’m not going to lie. When the voice-over told us that the teams are going to have to serve hundreds of hungry sailors … my family just looked around at each other, and then, as one, we all cracked up laughing.

    Yeah, I’m sure some of these contestants have of plenty of experience servicing sailors and their voracious appetites.

  3. I guess none of the contestants have ever watched MKR or MC, or they would know that, when cooking outside, the wind will play havoc with the gas flames and cooking won’t be consistent or easy.

    The mother of that guy needs to stop crying so much. Fine for her to be proud of her son if he does well, but she uses tears as a participation trophy for him. He’s not 6.

    • Yes, if you get a choice, never pick the end bench as it’s more exposed, and start brainstorming raw dishes.

      • Yes to raw dishes and maybe using a “contained” cooking source like the oven or an electric deep fryer.

        • Was it on MChef there was a similar situation, so they ended up putting their pot of water in the oven to get it to boiling temp? Or perhaps it was even MKR last year?

          • Not sure re boiling water in oven, but MC contestants at the grain silos in the Victorian road trip had to come up with all sorts of barriers against the wind.

  4. Doesn’t seem like too many are interested in MKR any more. I wonder why. 😉
    I watched this and nothing much to see. I think it’s ridiculous when the judges say that a team had to cook for 100 people since each team cooks for the judges, presents shared plates to the other teams and then cooks for about 20 guests. There might be 100 diners but each team does not serve 100 plates of food. There should be fewer guests with each team cooking for everyone so that dishes can be scored more fairly.

  5. I had a quite chuckle at the Peru girl’s faux outrage over Ibby/Rommel ‘s scoring tactics. They did the exact same thing! I watched the scoring extra on 7 plus. Peru girls scored the Pinks a 9, and scored the other team a 2. Did they forget that little fact – or are they so deluded they actually think their scoring was fair?

    • Yes, Andy and Ruby scored strategicly. Behaving like they were shock is just ridiculous. At least Ibby and Romel were honest.

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