MKR Sun – cricketers’ second innings

The blurb says: Opening batsmen Matt and Luke want to show how much they’ve grown as cooks. As they work on getting runs on the board, the table is on a knife edge with teams caught out in a web of lies.

Oh no – so more dinner parties? I’d forgotten about that.



  1. So apparently Victor begins to snap, tonight, and play with the knives in a frankly weird way.

    Any chance he can take out Pete before he takes out the other contestants?

  2. Ten minutes in and I’ve rolled my eyes so many times that I’m unsure which way my eyeballs are meant to sit.

    I don’t wish the guys ill, but…probably the ice cream won’t set, the pastry for the tart will be soggy, octopus will be chewy, etc. etc. The Peruvians will point out every tiny flaw. It’s kind of predictable now.

  3. I’m really tempted to side with the table (minus the beauty queens). Victor’s attitude seems to have come out of left-field (up until now, he seemed like a perfect gentleman). But he’s obviously upset about the scoring at the elimination, and why? That’s what the teams are there to do, and your food wasn’t that great, bucko. I think he’s coming across as kind of a tool (say what you like about Josh, but he never picked up a knife and started playing with it at the table).

    Apparently tomorrow night we’re back at Josh and Austin’s broken-down hovel, but with the boys in the kitchen, Victor still walks out (without any prompting from the two obnoxious brothers). I hate myself for wanting to watch, but I do. Oh, I do.

    • I’m not surprised by Victor’s behaviour. To me there’s always been something simmering under the surface that left me wondering about him. He and G (along with Sal and whatshername) have been one of the more inconsistent teams in the competition. Some days they cook really well and other days they serve utter tripe. On the bad days his face always said it all during the judges critiques. His inability to take criticism coupled with his controlling attitude displayed when cooking with Ibby and Rommel were the warning signs. Perhaps he is just an intense person who overthinks things and takes too much to heart.

      It will be interesting to see what happens tonight. I too am wanting to watch. I know I shouldn’t. I know I’m being manipulated by Channel 7’s editing which never fails to ramp up the drama and always leaves you with a anticlimactic sense of “was that all?”. But yes I’m on board to watch.

      The thing I’m wondering about is what leads Veronica to make the statement about Piper “going to his bed”. Was this just a slip of the tongue? Or was it a carefully calculated grenade tossed onto the table for maximum effect? Take that Piper! That’s what you get for throwing me under the bus not once but twice! Were these her choice of words – or did the producers supply her with the line?

      Seriously she could easily have said “I’ve never heard anything, but I don’t know what she says when I’m not there”. The phrase “when she leaves at night and goes to his bed” is so unnecessary and sordid. Piper is incredibly irritating , but she’s still a person entitled to some degree of privacy. Well at least as much privacy as you can expect after appearing on a so-called cooking show that shamelessly milks every interaction for maximum drama. Piper is newly separated and she has two young children.

      • Yeah, the tension between Piper and Veronica is quite strange. As you said, Piper has a habit of throwing Veronica under the nearest bus (who is driving all these buses?) whenever someone criticises their team. I imagine, by this point in the competition, the two aren’t best friends anymore. So was that an accidental slip, or was her increasing-distaste for Piper’s nonsense finally showing through?

  4. I don’t think Maggie Beer would be too impressed with the critique for her cake (it was even a recipe challenge on MasterChef!)

    You see boys if you’re going to plaguerise and dish without credit, make sure it’s not obvious… verijuice gave it away too obviously!

    This ain’t MAFS so why all the hooha over two single individuals from competing teams finding love?? It’s give MKR a good marketing point. “More chance at finding love than MAFS!”

    If the boys could steal Maggie’s recipe.. then I’m for the born agains just ordering take out for tonight and serving that!

  5. Proof that you really sign your life away when you go on these shows. So 2 single people hook up, I really don’t care. But of all the footage they have of the dinner channel 7 chooses so show that particular 5 seconds and use it in their promo. It could quite easily be out of context.
    Remember a few seasons ago they made us believe 2 teams were at war and based the whole season on it, they even kept one of teams in even though they couldn’t cook. In reality they were all friends and were seen going out together after the show finished filming.
    Don’t go on these shows unless you are very secure and have a very strong support group around you.

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