1. Just caught up with your comments from last week – it seems I didn’t miss much. But can someone tell me, what was the point of everyone cooking on Wednesday?

    • JB, on Wed each group have to pick a team to cook against one another. They have toi mprove the dish from the brother and sister team from previous season. Forgot their name.

      The losing team will send the whole group into the elimination challenge. Gp 2 was safe and Gp 1 have to cook for survivor

  2. I find the American woman’s and the born-agains’ assumptions that they are the best cooks/judges of diner food really annoying. USA…! Horseshit.

    Are the women (don’t know their names) going to stuff all that blatt into a croissant? I need to see that to believe it works.

  3. It’s not for everyone but chicken and waffles has been on trend for a few years now in Australia at cafes serving an American-style breakfast.

    • I wouldn’t mind chicken and waffles, but they’d have to have real maple syrup on them, not the crap that they sell at Coles.

      The meh woman kept messing with the batter after putting it in the waffle iron, trying to even it out I guess. As long as it’s poured reasonably evenly, which means the batter should be at roughly the same height on all the bumps (waffs? dips?), the waffle iron will take care of that. And she kept turning the waffles, stupid woman had me screaming at the tv for her to leave it alone and close the lid.

      • Yes, maple flavoured syrup is horrible. You need 100% maple syrup. Coles and Woolworths sell both.

        • There was a guy who went on a random assault and battery rampage in my local Coles just yesterday afternoon. It’s not just the prices that are low.

    • They told the contestants to make American diner type food so they shouldn’t be criticizing MEH and friend for making chicken and waffles.
      BLTAT on a croissant…not what I call American. Croissant should not have been the bread of choice. They should have made a club sandwich. Just BLTT and 3 slices of bread for a double decker.
      The nachos looked very unappetizing to me probably because I don’t like cheese sauce on my nachos. Would rather have grated cheese and where was the salsa?
      The boys won with their apple crumble with custard but that’s not exactly American diner food. Should have been a scoop of ice cream instead of custard or apple pie with ice cream or whipped cream. Don’t know if they had the ability (any equiptment) to make ice cream. Probably not.

  4. Seems like with now the instant restaurants out of the way things are still meh.

    I was more interested in the accompanying drinks for the menus but we didn’t hear what they were or receive any critique.. so why bother with them? Assume it might have been an attempt at a product plug or something of the like that never eventuated.

    Would love if we could have the MAFS groups involved in the food judging as well!

  5. There was a story in the “Courier Mail” this morning, with Manu talking about MAFS (and obviously concerned because MKR is bleeding viewers, at the moment, while MAFS is destroying the competititon). Manu said that it’s sad how viewers are so obsessed with bad people doing awful things in terrible relationships. Why can’t we celebrate the good, Many asks, instead of celebrating the bad?

    And that’s the point when I got really quite angry. Hold the damn phone, Manu. For years now, MKR has specifically cast people who are obnoxious, rude and ignorant … none of whom could cook worth a damn. Entire advertising promotions are built around showing MKR’s latest cast of horrible, rude, awful people, and asking viewers to watch them fail.

    But Manu’s upset because *other* shows are celebrating bad things?

    Like, I’m sorry Manu, but that’s a giant pile of bullshit, right there.

    • Clean up your own backyard, Manu. ‘ell will friz over before zis ‘appens, gice..

      You signed up and $old your $oul, Manu. It’s not too late for you to become a relationship counsellor. I mean, open a restaurant ….if your palate hasn’t been destroyed by bad cooking and your social skillz mangled by fraternizing with foul, fraudulent foodies.

      I think Manu and Pete were getting 2 mill per season at one point. Kiss that goodbye.

    • Agree with you windsong. Those people at Ch7 are so delusional like some of the politicians.
      Manu can’t see that MKR has such nasty contestsnts for a few series and he thinks they are fine. The judges didn’t do anything about it because they just do what the producers want them to do. $$$$ can shut your mouth shut.

  6. Has anyone ever eaten at Shannon Martinez’s restaurant or do you have the cookbook? Both are vegan although Shannon is not but her restaurant partner, Mo Wyse, is.

    • Shannon’s Smith & Daughters restaurant was represented at the Dark Mofo Feast here in Hobart a couple of years ago. I can’t remember what I ate but it fitted in perfectly with the creative and yummy theme of the Feast.

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