• I’m with you, H. She is such an annoying know-it-all who never uses ten words when five hundred will do.

    • Wonder if any of the homeowners have some duct tape stored away somewhere that can be used on Andy. Every time she opens her mouth I just want to tell her to “Shut up”.

  1. I don’t think I’m going to enjoy this episode very much. The boys team from group 2 is just utterly devoid of personality, while Ibby and Romel are just getting more and more spiteful and irritating.

  2. By about the 400th time that Ibby told us about the “depth of flavour” he wanted to put into his food, I was checking out.

  3. I don’t think I’ll stick with this for very long tonight.

    I’m getting tired of seeing brand new Coles re-usable bags on display. They are meant to be used more than once. Even though contestants often arrive at the store with the bags, it’s obvious they are new. Tonight about 8 pristine bags were lined up under the work bench. It pisses me off.

  4. I really enjoy how Andy and Pufferfish already make their decision on the dish and scores before even seeing it and tasting it. And if the dish is better than expected they still don’t re-adjust their views, and if it’s worse they happily re-adjust.

    Beauty queens going the suck on the Born Agains as they may suspect they might be paired due to an Aussie/USA connection each team has. Born Agains at least slapped them down which was the best thing they did.

    Interesting tonights pairing of Peruvians and Incests… Two top teams from each group… either wanting to keep them safe or hoping them to bomb so one top team goes. I hope mummys boy shoves a football in Andy’s mouth during the cook.

    Getting sick of Pork Crackling etc etc. I do agree with Stinky Face.. a lot of the menu’s I’d dislike.. I’m a foodie but I hate Oysters/Mussels and Pork (as she said it’s got a smell and taste that doesn’t agree with me, and don’t talk about corriander)… so that menu for me would’ve been not very pleasant to me as well.

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