1. Interesting: Stacey and Ash (group 1 Mr and Mrs Pirate) are away due to “medical issues”. Wonder if that will affect the voting.

    • Didn’t they announce recently (in real time, not TV time) they are having a baby? Could be that. Oh gang on – New Idea says they would like to have a baby … one day …

  2. When this kind of scoring first happened with the guy that served the lavender cake (can’t remember his name) the public were not happy. But Ch 7 think it is o.k. to emphasize on this behavior. Boo. Now even if Ibby and Romel can cook, they can never win. Bad look for Ch 7 if they did.

    I always thought Rommel knew how to play the game.

  3. I can’t believe that meatloaf is one of the dishes on the menu. It should be impossible to mess up but it is hardly “a competition dish” (and yes I have chastised myself severely for using that phrase).

  4. It really is quite sad watching Mr and Mrs Pink attempt to cook.

    They’re really lovely people, but they are just useless in the kitchen.

    Between the no-hopers in the kitchen and the jerks around the table, I can’t think of a single team I want to win. Not a one.

      • After tonight’s episode, I think Victor and G (barmen) show they are honorable and have a good sense of fair play

        • Victor and G have voted in a very fair manner throughout the competition so far. Ibby and Romel’s voting has left me speechless. How can the producers allow this to happen?

          • I hope Ibby and Romel are eliminated soon along with the immature and totally rude brothers. Both teams are horrid. The scoring by Ibby and Romel was unfair but not surprising. I have a feeling that Group 1 will continue to score like this. This part of the competition should be blind tasting. I wonder how different the scoring would have been if the teams did not know who cooked what.

            However neither the Pink nor the Psychic teams know how to cook and the Pinks will probably be in another elimination very soon.

    • I am in shock still from yesterday’s savoury French toast made using raisin bread. I’m all for sweet-salty combos but raisin toast with mushrooms and tomato?? Ick

  5. Was it me, or did the psychic seem surprised that she was eliminated tonight?

    Neither team was very good, so Ibby and Romel manipulating the scores to keep Mr and Mrs Pink around doesn’t matter to me very much, because neither of these teams would’ve lasted much longer than tonight anyway. Yeah, Mr and Mrs Pink are still here, but let’s be honest, they’re going home sooner rather than later.

    The producers were probably cackling with glee at Ibby and Romel’s machinations, tonight. I mean, it’s part of the game, they’re allowed to vote however they wanted … but given that G and Victor kept their votes neutral and objective, while the other two didn’t, they don’t come across very well.

    I never get this period. Of course team 1 is going to say nice things about team 1. Of course team 2 is going to say nice things about team 2. But channel 7 promotes this as some great war between two opposing groups, and it’s just so contrived and silly.

    • Bingo Wingsong. Finally this year none of these behaviour shock me because I know that is what going to happen. I am so immune to everything that I am just watching like a drunk woman staring at the TV. Nothing is funny or shocking.

  6. It’s about ten minutes in here, and I kind of wish both teams would go home tonight. Neither team knows what they are doing and the menus are a combination of weird and boring.

  7. Uh, I think I would have taken the dish to the beef, rather than precariously holding the beef while transferring it across the room to the dish.

    Basics, Jodie Anne, frigging basics!

  8. Great ethics the MKRs and MAFS of the world are showing…. kids are going to start believing these are normal behaviours.

    This type of cheating is worse than using a packet mix.

  9. At last someone has had a rejoinder for Josh’s inane remarks. The one in the hat (what is his name) answered Josh’s remark about childrens’ food with ‘probably he would know all about childrens’ food’. Of course, it was better when heard – I’m useless at repeating jokes etc.

  10. Mom from Team 2 was right when she said, “Something stinks.” Actually some people stink = Ibby & Romel. Their scores should have been thrown out. Would like to know how all of the other teams scored. Individual team scores should be revealed instead of the judges just stating the combined scores.

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