• No, I’m only into the entree, but every observation and criticism that Josh made in the kitchen, was the same thing that Manu and Pete told them later on.

      I think it’s a bad omen when Josh and Austin are the smarter option in the kitchen.

  1. When Pete said that he wasn’t excited by the brownie, now, all I can think is, what is Pete excited by these days? Polio?

  2. It’s rather sad when I’m more interested in looking for the mistakes in the sub-titles than watching the actual programme. Tonight’s winner was when the caption read “Chronic” instead of “Veronica” when the beauty queens were making the bread.

    • But…….. it is the best brownie in the world! I don’t know I find Piper hard to stomach and I agree with Josh when he was talking about Piper and her American way.

      The diners were easy to please. I think some Tim Tam for desserts will get you a 9

      • No, Josh is at least honest about being a bastard. Piper and Veronica are all smiles as they slowly insert the knife into your back.

        As for the result, yeah, the two most obnoxious teams don’t make the show easy to watch, but the Pinks should’ve been eliminated a month ago, and Lyn and Sal seem to be cooking worse, not better, the further we go.

        I can’t believe we’ve sat through 6 episodes just to eliminate one team. The show’s going to be going until September.

  3. What was there overall score… seemed they just jumped in and said oldies you’re in elimination…

    At least we lose a non able to cook couple tonight!

    • Total score 118. Third on the leaderboard. Really? The diners scored 9 for a brownie!

      Yes, either of the couple’s can go tonight. Now is not to make my nonna proud but doing it for my kids. Just because your kids like them doesn’t mean that are good.

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