1. Its painful watching Lynne doing the gyoza. Why is she doing them when she can’t even wrap them properly

  2. This season was supposed to be the best. So far the cooking was meh.

    Compared to previous years, we have some delicious Vietnamese, Indian, Indonesian, Lebanese food etc that makes you salivating. So far I can’t remember which dish I want to eat.

  3. In a shocking development, Victor and G survive.

    The scoring was strange, though. The teams clearly favoured one team, the judges clearly favoured another (by a substantial difference), but because of how the judges scored, the ultimate difference was only 1 point. Given the judges knew ahead of time how the teams had voted … something about it stunk. The bad taste isn’t just from Victor and G’s awful sorbet.

    So I guess we know what the tension is that keeps brewing from here on out, leading to Victor’s walk-out.

    • I think the walk out is over dramatize and like other years it is over nothing.

      Same like the Family Food Fight. The family that walked out came back to cook.

    • Agree with you Windsong. It didn’t feel right. Major discrepancy between opinions of judges and the teams. Producers wanted to keep Victor and G in the competition. It was so obvious. Even Andy and Ruby who are SO critical liked Lyn’s and Sal’s dishes better.
      As for Pete loving the tofu and thinking it was tasty, I found that NOT believable. Victor and G just fried the tofu cubes and threw some spices on the fried cubes. I eat and cook with tofu frequently and that tofu needed to be combined into the broth or into a sauce so it would develop flavor. Frying and just adding some spice might give crunch and some flavor to the outside part but not to the tofu inside.
      These eliminations should be blind tasting which is what they used to do with the previous judges although 90% of the time it wasn’t really all that “blind”. However the teams and judges should not know which team cooked which dish.

      • But that is the way to do agadeshi tofu. Asian are use to eating tofu that are bland but we eat it with the brother or sauce. I grew up with just eating tofu with just some soy sauce and sense oil.

  4. There’s something about Victor that is extremely off-putting to me. Perhaps it’s simply that he shares a name with my ex-husband? Not really. To me he comes across as moody and sulky when things aren’t quite going his way. I know the edits on promos aren’t reliable but the way he is sitting there twirling that knife is a frankly unhinged. Is he really brooding over the team scores?? Suck it up and get over it.

    I know the team scores were very different to the judges scores – but listening to comments from the scoring teams as the night progressed I thought both teams were neck in neck – at least for the first 2 courses. Victor and G’s dessert drew some negative comments with the sour sorbet. The only team that seemed to be commenting strategically was the BQs – and they were favouring V&G. I think the team scores accurately reflected the comments they were making during the evening – and the judges scores were the ones that surprised me.

    Is Victor really going to throw a hissy fit over the team scores. Will he stop twirling that knife and instead throw it at Ibby and Rommel ? Time will tell.

  5. I am also bias. I would prefer the entrees and mains from the boys. Lyn and Sal entrees and mains were o.k but average. Both the desserts were bad.

    That is not gyoza but fried dumplings. I laughed when Bianca said she have eaten lots of gyoza and she knows a good gyoza!

    For the mains, just marinating the quails with Hoisin sauce is not very Asian.

    I am wondering did some of the teams gave a lower scores to the boys because they rather have Lyn and Sal in the Top 8. I would like to know how the teams scored.

    • I only saw the Gyoza bit. I did not understand why she could not steam them, as planned? It only takes a few minutes to do pot sticker dumplings and they are so much tastier than fried ones

      • I don’t think Lyn knows how to do gyoza. Firstly the wrapping was wrong as the gyoza couldnt sit up right.

        You only need to fry the bottom and then add some water to steam and cook the dumplings

  6. Lets put it this way… were the BQ’s really strategically scoring… or was everyone else?

    Suddenly R and I who always strategically score are going for the food?? Bianca was always going to go for Lyn and Sal’s food because it was common familiar stodge within her “boundaries”. The cricket boys pretty much had the two teams neck and neck.

    The smart thing Victor and G did was ensure the judges got the optimum plates to ensure good scoring.

    I agree the dumplings didn’t looked cooked evenly and should’ve been steamed, and a banana wrapped in a spring roll wrapper and fried is not a worthy dessert or attempt at one. And with their quail they failed giving a judge an improperly cooked one.

    • “Lets put it this way… were the BQ’s really strategically scoring… or was everyone else?”

      See, I don’t know, I feel like that’s giving them way too much credit. One or two of them voting strategically, sure, but all of them at the same time? Not to mention, Lyn and Sal had survived elimination twice, before last night. That makes them the bigger threat (even Josh pointed out how hit-and-miss Victor and G could be). If the teams were trying to kick out a threatening team … they would’ve attacked Lyn and Sal, and not the boys.

      I think the boys had one good meal and two bad ones, while Lyn and Sal had two good and one bad one, but ultimately the judges decided to keep the boys around (for whatever reason).

        • Promo have Veronica said Piper visit Victor and spend the night. Really, they are adult. If they want to have a relationship, that is their business. Ch 7 is just milking it. Try to turn MKR to MAFS.
          If you look at the TV guide for next week, you knew what is going or not going to happen.

          • Josh did an interview yesterday where he said that the super dinner parties start crossing over to MAFS. I think it’s a sad indictment against the show when Josh is our best source of information.

          • To make matter worse, yesterday they have a live chat on facebook with Ibby and Romel and they were hinting what is going to happen. What I think is not right is they were going on about Piper being a liar, never admit to anything and more. They hinted it was worse off camera and basically I think Ch 7 is now leaking all these nastiness regardless if they will destroy the contestants. I am not a Piper fan but to get Ibby and Romel critising her behavior (and Victor) before the episodes are being air is just not right

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