1. Andy and Ruby seem to expect the farmers will turn up in overalls with straws hanging out of their mouths.

    • Yes farmers only eat potatoes and what a treat it is for them to visit the beautiful city and see the sparkling lights (ie the sheen of Pete’s bleached teeth.)

    • Mr and Mrs Pink have decided to make something so the farmers can know what their own apples taste like.


      • And the apples are not off the trees!!!! Also bad for the farmers when Pete said the apples lack flavour!!!

  2. So, we found out what happened to Ash and Stacey. Apparently poor Ash got an infection (in his eye-socket), which means he can’t safely be handling food, so they had to send him home.

    This show, which has some of the grossest and most unhygienic food-preparation habits in the history of the culinary arts, has to eliminate someone because he can’t safely be around food.

    Go figure.

  3. Last episode, Andy and Ruby and The Beauty Queens also score unfairly. Like a 8 or 9 and a 1 and 2.

    Good education for the young ones watching MAFS and MKR. You can have affairs and cheat on your partners, cheat to get ahead or win.

  4. They were set up to fail, so I feel like, I actually want Josh and Austin to get better at the cooking thing, just so they’re not total jokes.

    Having said that, I still wish Josh would shut up more.

  5. So Mrs Pink can go now. She had to stay in this long so that she could have a sook about “doing it for the farmers” tonight, now that she’s done that, she might as well go.

    • If you are going to stew apples everyone knows you don’t do it with pink ladies. I guess no Granny Smith grower was available for a TV appearance. The Peruvians’ dish did look delicious.

  6. I have friends who are farmers and geez they suffer many hardships, but the way they were spoken about tonight you’d think they had all died fighting for Australia on Anzac Day, been resurrected and were now waiting for MKR contestants to kiss their holy feet. If Coles and Curtis want to venerate farmers perhaps they should pay them more for their produce in the first place.

    • Bloody spot on, Juz. I have a lot of respect for farmers, but they aren’t the second coming of Christ, and I feel the farmers tonight would be cringing at the way they were spoken of.

      I was shopping at Woolies today and their store radio kept explaining that some milk now costs ten cents more a litre – because Woolies is such a great supporter of farmers. The hypocrisy made me want to puke.

      I like a bargain, but when a whole cauli sells for fifty cents, I know that the grower is probably making nothing from that.

      • You guys are both spot on. There’s something particularly galling about it. This show’s sponsored by Coles, right? “We think farmers are the most awesome thing ever!” Bullshit you do.

  7. I live in UK and have really enjoyed the last 6 seasons of MKR Aus. There is always at least one controversial couple, but THE CHRISTIANS- I am not religious, but I have been brought up to be ‘Christian’ – respect others. I’m left feeling sad that those boys behave as they do. If they were my children I would be ashamed. 🙄

    • Great you are watching from overseas, Siobhan. Have they made a UK MKR yet? I know they sold the format overseas. Wouldn’t surprise me if those brothers were in fact atheists and just pretending for the show, as their behaviour is definitely not Christian.

  8. Food is a biggy over here but the MKR just never took. I think is was missing Pete and Manu. Those boys are really horrible. I have a whatsapp group with MY BROTHER INLAW a link across the ocean x

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