MKR Wed – Opera House challenge

They’ve paired the mother and son with the Peruvians for a restaurant service challenge at the Opera House. Which is code for, we really don’t want to see anyone vomiting from food poisoning at one of Australia’s greatest landmarks, so we’ve put our best cooks on it.



  1. This is going to be a bit of an essay because I’m so bored by the show. But here are my observations.
    John seems to have an old scar on his chest, if he had heart surgery as a child it could explain his close bond with his Mum.
    Josh saying Bianca and Pat weren’t taught to behave, just a tad hypocritical.
    Why is Austen overly excited by the idea that there has been a ‘fight’ in the kitchen?
    So Andy decided Lisa was to be relegated to the equivalent of a dishpig tonight, though Lisa seems to be taking it well.
    Why are Josh and Austen determined to pick a fight with Piper and the other one? As annoying as Piper is there is no need to go out of their way to offend them. They seem to be pairing similar level cooks so J/A are either going to be teamed with the Pinks or the beauty queens because none of them can cook.
    Why am I wasting my time (half)watching this drivel?

    • One of the endless New Idea Articles does speak about John having open heart surgery as a baby.
      Nearly choked at Josh’s observation about Bianca.
      But I agree with his comments about Piper. Yes he shouldn’t have said it out loud – but hell – we are all thinking it.

      • Julie, I am with you about the comment from Josh regarding the Beauty Queen can’t cook. They were at the bottom of their group and every time they said their food was good but it wasn’t.

        I don’t care if not cooking the seafood with the paella is the wrong way of cooking.

        I bought a new paella pan last week and I made a delicious paella (only my opinion). I season the prawns wirh some paprika before cooking them separately. I also cook the mussels in the stock separately because I am not good with cooking seafood and worried about under cooking them.

        Still all the flavours from the seafood goes into the rice.

        As if they knew the mussels weren’t cook wirh the rice.

    • Yes, JB, sometimes when I’m aggravated by one or two or many of this year’s tiresome contestants, I ask myself why I am sitting there watching this shite. It’s not as though it’s the old days before remote controls for the tv.

      I suppose I sit there hoping that I will eventually see some good cooking. Hope springs eternal.

  2. As much of a shit as Josh is being … his frustration with Bianca’s constant critiques and his observation that “she may as well just eat the crockery”, I wanted to give the kid a high-five.

    • He was right about Bianca but as with many of Josh’s snide comments they are also projection. Much of what he says to denigrate others is true of himself.

      • I just cannot bring myself to hate Josh and his brother. I just can’t. That’s giving in to channel 7’s manipulation, and I can’t do it. I’m just gonna laugh at his total commitment to *being* an asshole. He didn’t jump in halfway, and you know what, I commend him for it.

        • Hate is too strong a word, but I have no problem disliking Josh and his follow-the-leader brother.

          I’d happily smack Josh’s smirk off his face. His brother I think is just dumb, so he gets a pass. Stupid is hard to cure.

        • They are playing it up for the camera. They were “hired” by the MKR producers to be part of the show and they are probably doing exactly what they were told to do….be rude and stir things up in order to create tension and faux drama.
          Sometimes they are somewhat funny but most of the time they are just obnoxious.

  3. Andy can’t believe she did the all the dessert. Um, I think that would be because Lisa helped a lot. Admittedly Andy did the ‘cooking’ parts but a little humility wouldn’t have gone astray.
    Ch7 have truly excelled in finding so many truly annoying people and jamming them all in together in a single season.

    • Agree about Andy. She is so annoying. The Russians last year were very vocal but they did it in a nice way.

    • The gossip was she was with one of the lads they cook with next (don’t know their names). But I would’ve picked that she wanted to be an item with Pat but he wasn’t interested.

    • But gossip magazines have Bianca hooking up with Matt the cricketer. Also rumour of Victor and Piper being close during filming.

    • I hate to question the credability of Australian gossip magazines, but I just don’t pick up any sexual tension between Pat and Bianca. They’re the two mates who give each other crap, sure, but I cannot imagine that — unless alcohol is involved — the two of them have an undisclosed attraction to the other. Like, I just do not get that feeling at all.

  4. Why don’t the mystery helpers get any camera time? There is no way any of this lot, even the reasonable cooks, are serving that many people. Most of them barely coped with the numbers at their instant restaurants.

    And I will jump on my pronunciation soapbox and admit I cringed at John’s attempt at saying paella, which came out as pie-ya.

  5. Andy your menu was disappointing… seafood and seafood… a bit of undercooked spiced rice and a gelatine lemon mousse in a cup. Sorry don’t see the excitement in that or seeing it as a numero uno menu.

    Born agains surely if what they were doing was “real” someone would’ve kicked the be-jesus out of them already.

  6. So, in absolutely wonderful news, a story in the Courier Mail this morning claimed that Paleo Pete is an anti-vaxxer, that he’d offered public support to some famous anti-vaxxer quack, with a message on social media thanking the man for “asking questions that need to be asked about vaccines and medicine.”

    Pete? You’re a chef. If I need someone’s opinion on how to season my fish, or how long to cook venison, you’ll be the first guy I ask. But kindly remember, for future reference, whenever you’re tempted to hand out medical advice … YOU’RE A FUCKING CHEF.

    I don’t know if this is the last straw, but I really don’t feel like watching this show and supporting this lunatic anymore.

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