• Pete has been spruiking his ill-informed opinions about many things over a few years. I can put up with him on MKR since he is sticking to his day job there.

      His support of an anti-vaxxer is particularly deplorable, but I can hope that not many people take health or medical advice from a chef.

  1. Filo parcel? Brandy snap? Straight out of a 70s Women’s Weekly cookbook. Nothing wrong with that but they did not even do it well. The soup must have been amazing but they used store-bought bread for the croutons. Any other year they would be slammed for that.

  2. The Pinkies:
    Champagne food on a beer budget…I didn’t know that creamed corn was considered champagne food.
    Fruit basket fail…not much to that dish and they couldn’t even make the brandy snaps correctly.
    Not surprised they are gone but I don’t think Lynn and Sal will be around much longer either.
    Colin doesn’t seem to be doing that much in the kitchen when it comes to guidance and support but then maybe a lot of that has been edited out.

    • Or he just takes one look at the food being cooked, and keeps nipping out the back to down shots (or bottles) of vodka. Do we blame him?

  3. Brandy snap basket with Contrieau cream… looks like they stole the recipe from The Great Australian Bake Off Season 1 (Channel 9, Episode 3), technical bake..

    But who in their right mind things curdled cream in a brandy basket with fruit is a saviour dish?? Creamed corn.. that recipe was failure from the moment I saw it… you want a great creamed corn recipe.. read this.. https://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/gullivers-creamed-corn-182192

    I’ll give it to Sal and Lyn… they did play safe but they had a consistent decent menu… albeit the pastry on the cheesecake seemed quite thick… but the main looked good… I did cook his eggplant parmigiana last weekend so may try this one out this weekend.

    All I can say is.. “thank fark we’re free of pink”… has no concept of taste or flavour combinations and they went against their usual motto to now be… “Cooking crap food on a good budget”….

  4. I don’t know if anyone’s paying attention, but on the FB page, they just posted a promo for the Super Dinner Parties (yeah. Eugh. That’s happening again), and there’s footage of Victor twirling a knife between his fingers, at the dinner table. We all thought Josh and Austin were the serial killers, we got it wrong. Anyway, there’s footage at Josh and Austin’s place (the armageddon bunker is visible behind them. Why the teams went back there for dinner is anyone’s guess) where Victor and G just get up and leave.

    Thing is, it can’t be because Josh and Austin were bullying them or being awful, because they’d be in that tiny dirty smelly kitchen, busy cooking. So there must’ve been some other reason that Victor snaps and decides, “Screw this, I’m out of here”.

    • Footage of Victor twirling the knife was at another dinner party. Different jacket. When he walk out, it was at Josh and Austin’s home.

      I am just sick of all these side shows on MKR. The producers just can’t help themselves to try to hype up the drama.

      Also read there will be some affairs going on. Since they can’t compete with MAFS, dont tell me they are trying to go down the track of teams having affairs.

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