1. He seems like a giant nerd, so I don’t disapprove of this.

    I bet there’s still plenty of gratuitous shirtlessness, and he’s got washboard abs underneath that lab coat.

    The problem is, once again, they’re gonna lump him with a bunch of psychos and fame-seekers who don’t give two hoots about him and who he’ll be ill-equipped to deal with.

  2. At least they picked an unknown and he is a cute nerd. Please get some intelligent babies and not those bogans or giggly women that cant hold a conversation.

  3. He could use some filler in that top lip. He won’t have any lips left after a few days with the profile raising vultures lining up to prey on him.

    The hawt gels will figure the astrophysicist will tell them all about their star signs and future.

  4. Hope he doesn’t get eaten alive by those puffer lips babies.

    I think we will have fun with this series.

    • The Australian Bachelor franchise has had a bad few years. Think of the obnoxious, overly-botoxed MKR teams, but then, fifty times worse.


  5. I’m glad they are back to an unknown.
    I didn’t mind Sophie (and it was interesting but flawed experiment) but the Honeybadger season was as low as it was possible to go. He was a d**k***d, and the women were a little desperate.

    • I think the women didn’t know who the Bachelor was when they were chosen.

      Once the filming started, I think they try to make the best of the situation. I read some of the women wanted to quit but cant

  6. “Bachelor in Paradise” has just started releasing promos on Facebook.

    The cast looks, well, excruciating. But it promises a showdown between Alex and Richie, so that’ll be interesting, at least.

    But seriously. Half of Richie’s cast ended up dating other women after the series ended. He was that much of a dud guy. Putting him in Fiji, I mean, that’ll just nullify the whole point of the show, won’t it?

    • Oh, and Daisy, there’s this really cute footage of Matty J on Facebook, currently on holiday in Japan, and he’s on a hiking trail and he lightly kicks a tree trunk, and stands still as this avalanche of snow rains down on him. It’s very cute.

    • Thanks for that, Windsong. Oh god – two of the mean girls are back. I guess they need someone to provide commentary as it won’t come from a Alex and Richie

  7. What ever Brooke has to say about Honeybadger better be worth the month of ads we will have to see if it! (Yes I am one of the few who still watches free to air in real time on occasion!

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