New Lego show

Did everyone catch the promo for Hamish Blake’s new show, Lego Masters?
Here it is:

I guess it will air on Nine after MAFS finishes.
It looks like GBBO but with Lego. And less staring at ovens.
It’s based on a UK format. This could be a big family-friendly hit for Nine.



  1. I saw the trailer – it looks fun.
    I HOPE there is limited botox, bitchery and infidelity, but hey – surely in Australia we can work it into ANYTHING?

    • A show where there’s more plastic on the table than inside the contestants’ faces?

      It’ll never work.

    • I guess the thrill of watching LEGO creations collapse just before judging may wear off after the first ep

  2. Reviving this older thread, just to say how much I have loved watching this show. Congrats to channel 9 for this fun and different (and short!) show, which confirms that ordinary people can be interesting and funny without needing to script them. The young fella who runs everywhere is hilarious.

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