1. Can’t wait. Our regular Thursday night outing means I’ll be watching late at night. . . but I still have to watch tonight, lol.
    As I am now becoming a bit of a survivor nerd, does anyone know how to see the secret footage that isn’t shown? One of the podcasts I follow gave links to CBS but I couldn’t seem to make them play here. (or it could be user error, lol.)

  2. Survivor first! I dozed off during tribal council. That’s never happened before. This season is that bad and I care so little about Reem, Keith, Wardog, Wentworth, Lauren, and Wendy. The only moment of tension was when Jeff said Wendy has insights. I can’t nfidently exprected the clouds to roll back to reveal an angry bearded figure incinerating Jeff with bolts of lightning for such an appalling lie.

    • I really dislike Wardog.
      He was utterly crap at the throwing challenge but puts himself forward – I actually don’t mind Lauren. She is the only one of them really looking strong in challenges although she is starving!

      • Yep. Plus he’s too great and powerful to look for food, do anything at camp, or even bother trying in challenges.

        I laughed out loud when one of them, I forget who, was weeping and wailing about their challenge problem. Maybe booting their best challenge performer because Wardog said so wasn’t all that bright.

        On the other hand, doing anything because Wardog says so is the definition of not bright.

  3. Ex-isle is so depressing. Can’t Jeff surprise them with nachos one day (even ones that had fallen from Benji’s mouth) just to perk them up? Wardog, you suck at challenges and at least David tries to go find food.

      • These eps gave me an inkling that he might be challenged for that by Gavin. He looks very nerdy in the same Hawaiian shirt as worn by someone in a recent series, but if you watch him at challenges, he is very athletic. And he showed here that he can throw. Question is, can he do the endurance ones?

    • What they’d really want is time off from Reem, Keith and Wendy. Perhaps Jeff could give them some chickens.

      • Reem would kill a chicken in a heartbeat, eat it, then complain it gave her indigestion. I’m surprised she hasn’t eaten Keith. Victoria did a good job tonight – can’t believe Aubry fell for it. I don’t mind a bit of Wendy goofiness (as long as it’s not me on her tribe) to offset the harshness of Exie Isle and vision of Wentworth, David and co losing again and their zombie camp

  4. The worst thing about Extinction Island, the most horrible torture would be sharing it with unpleasant Reem, and cootsie pootsie Wendy. Agggghhhh! Wendy is so annoying with her cutsie, grinning clown, six year old act.

    • Jeez as annoying as Reem is, and she is VERY VERY ANNOYING I hate Kieth. What a spineless sponger. I cheered out loud when Chris shoulder charged him away from the hidden item.
      I find Reem’s bitterness and unpleasant “dude” talk really demoralising. You can only imagine on second last day when the final exile joins she is STILL doing the ‘well dude you voted me out on day 3’ and the person is ‘sorry, who are you again?”

      • Keith is empty baggage. Why go on Survivor when you can’t swim? Yes Brussel. Keith is annoying. A blob.

        • I don’t think I’ve ever reacted so negatively to a player before. He’s not just a shocking player. He’s completely boring to watch because of the whining.

      • Agree, both are terrible, but Keith is worse.
        Why does Reem behave as if Chris was solely responsible for her elimination? She can’t know anything about who exactly was the initiator, and Chris doesn’t seem to want to bother enlightening her. It seems that Chris, Rick and Aubry are very aware of what might come, and are keeping their mouths firmly shut about previous TCs, alliances etc.
        Rick is proving himself to be very smart and resourceful.
        And yes Reem, you were dumb to point out the box under the water to Keith. And weirdly, instead of resenting Keith, you are taking it out on Chris for pointing out the obvious. Such paranoia is very repellent.

    • I agree – the whole Wendy mugging thing does my head in. I expect someone who dies their hair green is attention-seeking and she hasn’t disappointed in that. Wendy is surprisingly (well, I was surprised) good at challenges but poor at the game. She comes across as a flake who can’t be trusted to vote consistently, so even though she could be a good shield, her unreliability is dangerous. I’d been tipping her to get voted off many, many times before this.

      • Far out. Excuse my typing today – no idea what I am doing! “dies their hair”. “Kieth” ? I run and hand my head in shame. . .

        I am quickly trying to type all my thoughts about this episode but there is no excuse for such poor work. Apologies everyone.

  5. Woh Mike! Ease up. What a wanker. Even Matt told him to give it a rest. Jess apologizes for wrong timing and Mark manages to get off the hook by saying his relationship is good “now”. But Mike is an American pitbull. His teeth are locked on.

    Now it remains for Jess and Dan to go under fire for being attracted to each other (if that’s even true) when no one is actually even married. They are just a bunch of people sleeping on tv with whoever those sad sack experts have supposedly coupled. The fact is they aren’t married and can like whoever they want. It won’t make any difference anyway. They will all be broken up in a week.

  6. Those challenges where they have to dive down & release levers are always problematic. I can’t open my eyes under water & no way could I hold my breath that lone so I would be hopeless at it.
    Poor Aubrey was blindsided something good. I thought at least she’s got an idol if she gets back in but apparently she can no longer use her idol or advantage. That sucks.
    I was confused with that double tribal. Usually when 2 tribes go they each vote someone off their tribe, but they only voted one person..
    Well finally the extinction Island people get a chance to get back in.

  7. Interesting that each team had a mask but hardly any people chose to use it. I guess it would have to be adjusted for each person which would take time. The challenges where you need brute strength for everything makes it so hard for women. I would like to see more endurance or fine motor skill challenges pre merge

    • I am not a fan of the endurance challenges, but I agree that the team challenges could be refined to include other skills, such as intelligence tests that are not just puzzles (eg memory, reasoning) or requiring more teamwork to bring every player to the goal. An example was the one recently where the team were in a circle, each with a rope and they had to balance the wheel together to build in the middle.

  8. It looks like Victoria (or “Anne”) is the biggest danger in the game. She is obviously totally convincing when she lies. The challenge for her will be to work a little more in the background, or soon everyone will know how she can deceive. She certainly did a job on Aubry, and I think when Aubry views the whole episode, she will be impressed by the game play.

    Joe’s tears did me in. Seems he has grown up over the recent past, and the whole thing is more affecting because he now has more to lose.

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