Survivor: Edge of Extinction ep 3

Let’s resolve that cliffhanger from ep 2: Does super fan and non-swimmer Keith choose island purgatory with Reem or does he go home? Hmmm.
If we don’t get a tribe swap soon Team Joe will just keep winning and Aubry can’t find any allies.



  1. I was wondering if the Edge of Extinction people were going to form their own tribe and come back as a third tribe. Perhaps they will come back for the next tribe swap.

    • Ah now that would be interesting, Jason. I hope they don’t leave it too late – we don’t want a Scout Leader Lil situation. I am still living the David/news reader guy alliance. I hope Wendy’s foot is ok – did you see her power away in the swimming challenge! She is a wild card, though, so if she last a few more days I reckon a Survivor will ask her back

    • I read that the Extinctees will have to compete against each other to come back. Reasonably credible source but no details about how or why or when.

  2. Wendy’s swimming is awesome but her commonsense and strategy is DUMB. Why draw a target on your back over the damned chickens? I hate that kind of hypocrisy – if you eat animals you have to own up to where they come from and understand that they don’t magically grow in supermarket packets covered in glad wrap.
    When I was a kid living in country my dad would knock the head off any roosters (and old chooks that stopped laying) and I would have to pluck (gross) and pull out the guts. To this day I can still recall the smell of singed feathers – we would have a fire with a pot of water to dunk them in to make them easier to pluck. Happily ate the roast chook and still do even though I’m glad I don’t have to do that. Our current chooks are supported in idleness until they fall off the perch, but if I was starving OR say in a competition with $1m on the line, I am pretty sure I could put aside those sensibilities damn quick and get a machete out. Oops.
    I am so gutted about Chris. He was my pick in a pre-show competition and even though I later wavered thinking he might be an arrogant tosser he has been super skilled and was playing well. I love his response to the question about continuing – YES – that’s what a competitor does! But poor bugger will have Reem and Keith to contend with. Yikes.

    Weird tactic from this team. I am NOT a fan of Wardog. Nor of Wentworth. I hope this decision bites them on the bum somehow.
    We are out on Thursday nights and always are rushing through the ep as I can’t wait but also need to go to bed and am tired lol, so probably missed a lot! I will have to re-watch to get a better read on what happened.

    • I hadn’t noticed Chris until last night. Gorgeous looking. Dumb play. Bad read of the group. He didn’t want to put WD offside. But he is the only one in exile that I want to see return to the game. My guess is they have to play each other and one victor returns.
      The girl with the foot annoyed me. Don’t eat the rooster but don’t get judgy. I hate judgy, which is also hypocritical because that’s what we get to do on ttv. Judge. I judge footgirl a pain in the foot.

    • Yes Chris went straight there, no hesitation unlike Keith last week praying for guidance. Someone on another site said the producers should have had speakers there & messed with him.

  3. If you eat chicken you are a gallocide. Releasing domesticated animals into the wild is about as kind as Russell on a bad day.. It does not benefit the animals whose life expectancy in the wild is very short. Wendy is not doing anything for the chickens. She is doing stuff for her own feelings. And dearest production, if I never see another chicken debate on Survivor it will be far, far too soon.

    Dearest Chris, if an anti-Wentworth alliance approaches you, don’t go and spill the beans to a Wentworth ally. Did you not watch what happened to Sarah the good cop in Tony Vlachos’ season? And everyone else who has tried to play both sides?

    Dearest Dave + Anchor Guy, you just voted out a potential ally who can actually perform at challenges and kept Wendy the Flint Thief and Wentworth the Unstoppable around. Time to lift your game guys.

    I hope Chris makes it back because he’s one of the few interesting characters we have this season. Although standing out from the slack jawed dullards int he blue tribe is not much of a challenge.

    • Agree about the chickens – more cruel to release them.

      I don’t think Chris knew that Wardog was a Wentworth ally. Wardog played him, that the two of them were a strong pair, so much so that Chris felt a sense of loyalty to tell him what was going on. That was the moment that Wardog showed his true colours – having buddied up to Chris so nicely, he then ratted on him without batting an eyelid.

      I know the game is about betrayal, but I like it to be a bit more subtle and less nasty. Wardog goes to the bottom of my list in the space of one sentence.

      This is the time when viewers suddenly start liking a second chance twist, when you lose one of your favourites but you know they might have a lifeline.

  4. What a turnaround that result was… Chris just didnt read his audience.
    Why are we not seeing who votes for who at the end of each episode?

    • I loved the bit of Chris saying he had to let Wardog know and then Wardog saying he trusted Wentworth more than Chris. There would have been some cringeing from Chris watching that. If Extinction Island ends in some kind of physical challenge, Chris is a likely winner. I’m glad there are now two people to stop Keith drowning when he goes for a wash

      • Likely? Reem thinks stairs are the enemy and Keith can’t swim. They both think an island the size of a postage stamp is huge.

      • I was listening to a survivor podcast (yes,I am now THAT person) and Stephen Fishbach was arguing with Rob Cesternino (note how casually I drop survivor names now!) that actually Chris played that correctly.

        He was in an alliance with wardog and to NOT tell him would have looked very untrustworthy. So by proving he was trustworthy and wanted to run an idea up the flagpole in a reasonable way he got immediately pegged as untrustworthy and needed to be booted. That is, he didn’t say ‘nope, hate YOUR idea. I have a plan and you must join me to dump wentworth – forget wendy’ he opened with a ‘what do you think about considering wentworth’ discussion. So Fishbach pointed out that Chris actually played it well, but wardog decided to dump his own alliance of Chris (was he threatened by Chris’s stellar performance at challenges?) in favour of Wentworth.

        • That is how I saw it. In essence, Wardog, having been all sweetness and light to Chris, took the first opportunity to stab him in the back. In most pairs (eg David and Rick), giving your ally a heads up would be seen as a confirmation of trust, and make the alliance stronger. Obviously, Wardog just wanted to have a blindside to put on his “resume”. Good chance now, though, that he won’t even make the jury, as Wentworth or D/R will oust him very soon.

          • I agree. I’d give Wardog a much nastier nickname beginning with Wh but this is a family-friendly blog.

    • I want votes too Sioux Denim. Why on earth can’t we see them – does it impact on Edge of Extinction in any way??

      • I think they are just squeezed for time trying to fit in official tribes, one unofficial tribe at Extinction Huge Island, and time for suitably dramatic music to build the tension about whether people leave or go to Extinction Huge Island. My guess is that every single player will choose extinction, but we will get dramatic music anyway.

        I certainly hope the chickens get the choice of Extinction Huge Island or life in the wild. Before Chris got there, any arriving chooks would have raised the local IQ considerably.

      • BS, I so look forward to watching Survivor every Thurs and then listening to RHAP straight after. And then I listen to all the other Survivor podcasts Rob does. Love the Wiggle Room one but I skip the Wand Off singing

        • Me too! I then have bus travel podcasts for days after the ep to entertain. I listen to Stacy and Joanne as well, but the singing RHAP one does not interest me AT ALL. It took me a while (not very bright) to cotton on that wand off was about crap singing and not a worthy survivor experience.And I have to fast forward through Rob’s ads, but that’s all okay.

  5. So they are having a tribe swap next week. That will mix things up a bit. Wow, that sore foot swelled up a lot. But at least it was a swimming challenge. Doubtr she could have run.

  6. On an unrelated subject. . . . does anyone else hate Wardog? I have a pet hate for people who award themselves flattering nicknames, but there is something else about him – can’t pin it down but I just cannot warm to him. Which clearly means he will take out the whole thing!

    • I quite liked him before this ep, not for himself but I thought he was playing well. Now he is bottom of the heap, and I think he let his ego make his decision, and will have no allies after people see what he did to Chris. The question is, who will be in his new tribe – hopefully someone who can tell all about what just happened.

  7. Really hope the tribe swap gives Aubry a chance, but I wonder if she will still need to be in a very strong challenge tribe, in order to avoid TC.

    Funny, because her tribe see her as such a big threat, whereas Kelley obviously IS a big threat, her tribe knows it, and still they won’t vote her out!

    • I am so glad Aubry found an idol but I really can’t se her winning, unless she can make merge and perhaps form an alliance with David and his allies

    • That IS interesting Juz. I wondered whether she would dig it up and take it to challenges etc so that she could have it in case of tribe swap. I suppose it depends on how prescient you are at working out the timetable for swaps. If Lauren misjudges and gets swapped to a tribe and has to leave her idol behind not near her idol it could bode poorly for her.

      • I know in the past people have been a) complacent and left the idol behind b) unable to sneak off from camp and grab the idol in time for tribal

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