Survivor – Extinction Isle reveal

It’s time for the big reveal about Extie Island. And for Chris to win whatever the challenge is, even with his hands bound by Keith.
I really hope the unsuccessful contestants get to go to Ponderosa so we can listen to Reem moan as she watches Wendy eat a chicken burger.



  1. Theres nothing fairer than a challenge where the worst player gets to inflict a massive disadvantage on the best player. Or not…

    I mean seriously, what were they thinking?

  2. And if you are going to wimp out and go home anyway, why the hell would you throw a disadvantage at a player who wants to stay?

    • Yes! Alan! I KNEW you’d be on board with my frustration at that flaming IDIOT’s dumb-arse mean-spirited decision. What a complete loser. His whole : “I got so much out of it” vibe just made me vomit in my mouth. I truly despise Keith.

      • And why say yes to going back, only to raise the flag immediately. Pity Reem didn’t go with them.

  3. I was glad Devens made it back. So, Joe is back in, what, three weeks when they do another Extie Isle challenge and he wins? At least having him there will make life more comfy for his fellow exiles

    • I thought they made a massive strategic error giving Joe the opportunity to slide over the next few week’s of strategising in camp. why on EARTH knowing about extinction island would you send JOE there?? Surely he is odds on to return? He could very conceivably go on an immunity riot and win the whole thing.

      • Yeah, incomprehensibly stupid move. Plus as Stephen said on RHAP they’ve gone from a majority with Joe to 6/6 at the next TC. With a couple of exceptions Kama have been cruising because Joe kept them away from Tribal Council. I agreed with Reem, it was lame. I could be in therapy for months after that.

        • Alan. You just agreed with Reem. Therapy alone can’t save you.

          oops. So did I! We are doomed, dude.

        • There was a bit of concern on the faces of Reem, Aubry and Chris as they realised that their competition just got that much harder.

          Agreed that it is a stupid move. EI creates a whole lot of extra permutations, but it seemed that the non-evicted were still in the “we must eliminate the biggest physical threat immediately after merge” mentality. I was most unimpressed with Ron in this, as he did not consider the future of EI at all, and based his choice on the fact that Joe chose to be careful instead of blurting out a name. Weird logic.

  4. Thank goodness. My two least favourite players have gone. Keith’s parting speech was stupid.
    I am not minding the whole extinction island thing now because everyone gets another chance. Especially because the ones I like are getting another chance.

    • Rob Cesternino’s Reem impersonation makes me think he spends a bit of time doing a Donald Trump impersonation.

    • Agreed, Daisy. I was hoping, though, that the winner would have a chance to take one more with them, so that I could have both Rick and Chris back (then again, I want Aubry, too). How about a straight substitution – those three in, and Kelley, Ron, and Wardog out.

  5. Wendy tried so hard to get back in and very nearly made it – then punted herself. I don’t get it.
    I never expected Keith to be anywhere in the running but Wendy has been very capable at challenges – in fact she was as capable at challenges as she was incapable of strategy. I am not sorry she has gone.
    Can do without Reem and feel very sorry for Joe and Chris and Aubry having her baleful and depressing presence at Extinction.

    • Wendy did a great job challenge wise but her Tourette’s sneezing tics were a big disadvantage for her in that final game. They will totally bring her back as they have trouble finding memorable women to play a second time.

  6. Keith and Wendy probably figured they could never win the challenge to re enter, and they were probably right there, but Survivor doesn’t like quitters. At least they will never be invited back. Keith was creepy and Wendy just wanted to be cute all the time. Instead she came off as being stupid. I have said this before on other threads, if you are over 6 years of age, don’t try to act 6 years of age, unless you have brain damage. I think Wendy’s worst moment was when someone (I can’t recall who but it was a female), was trying to engage her in strategy talk and make an alliance and Wendy just looked smiling but blank and giggled. Please NEVER BRING BACK WENDY! I bet she went home and had a burger.

    • I’m not the only one watching this season forgetting who was involved in major plays. I’ve always thought Gabon was the worst season, but not any more. I remembered who did what in Gabon.

      • Alan, I have forgotten, too. Not unusual that.
        It is annoying, though, that very few seem to be remembering Wardog’s sins. Unless he has already been identified as a goat, but nobody is telling the viewer,

        • I am happy to mark down Dan/Skirmish Puppy (refuse to accord him a completely useless nickname) as a goat. How useless is he? Lauren’s complete put down of him last week in the throwing challenge was beautiful ‘um, yes – sure – tap in – if you THINK you can do it’. And then he was unable to even vaguely get the ball in the air. So far it seems that he can’t do puzzles, water, throwing, puzzles or strength challenges. What CAN he actually do?
          Mind you there is beautiful footage of his bellyflopping toddler-learning-to-jump-in-water action that is worth the price of admission alone.

    • How about her mini-play when describing how she saw EI and the end of it. It was like a choreographed interpretive dance with moves symbolising each aspect. If you have a recording, check it out again – it is a hoot.

  7. It was hilarious seeing their faces when the others came back. So now that they know about Extinction Island will that change who they vote out? Knowing they are not gone for good but will have a chance to come back.

    • It should…but there was little evidence of that this week. That is why eliminating Joe was such a poor decision this week. Maybe they need more time to absorb the implications.

  8. Joe was totally channeling Johnny Depp tonight, WTF …he is so conceited, I’m glad he’s gone, and yes, he’ll more than likely be back…but that thank god i dont have to look at him for a while!
    There’s too much bloody crying in this season all ready!

  9. Each episode slides Kelley down my “like” scale further. Was she nicer in the previous seasons, because others seemed to be pleased she was coming back? I do have to admit that she seems to be a smart player, but I still can’t like her at all.

    Did anyone notice that only Kelley and Lauren voted for Rick? I think Kelley was very surprised that everyone had turned to Ron’s plan instead. And presumably the votes for David were attempts to split the vote.

    I was uncertain whether giving the half idol to David was the wisest thing. Certainly as a pair, David was entitled to expect that, but I think if I was Rick I would have discussed with David whether to use it to buy loyalty from someone else (and try to create a threesome) rather than with David who is already loyal. But it would be very, very risky, as the new person could use it against them, and also David could secretly resent it. I think Julie might have been their best option but no guarantees.

    I wish they would hurry up and catch the chooks again and start to eat them.

    Gavin cleverly dropped himself from the immunity challenge early – no chance he was leaving so a good time to hide his talent. But you could see the others looking at Julie with very new eyes.

    BTW, did this ep start early? Recording started at the EI challenge, with no preamble at all.

    • I caught the beginning of the show, Fijane.
      It shows good tricky thinking about splitting the idol with someone else, but it could have back-fired in a “now everyone knows” scenario. Once they start telling it’s like Bold &the Beautiful; by the next episode, they all know.

      • I thought I’d missed the “last time on survivor” opening. . . but I heard on a podcast that it wasn’t there – it just started. Edge of E is really sucking out time from the core game.

  10. Gavin is playing SUPER smart. I kind of wish I had picked him for winner (instead of CHRIS, lol). Wentworth is annoying to me. I am not seeing any great strategy from her at all.

  11. Apparently the casting director was sacked without notice halfway through this season. Keith is the youngest African-American player ever cast. He cannot swim, has no outdoor skills, has never been camping, appears quite unintelligent despite being in pre-med, and has no interpersonal skills at all.

    That the casting director was sacked only halfway through suggests that we haven’t seen the worst yet.

    • ooh That is excellent Goss. I dread to think how bad it gets if Keith is not the worst.
      Keith was woeful. I cannot see one good reason to recruit him, and if I ever found him in a professional situation – yikes.
      I quite like some of the other casting decisions – I think the sneakiness of Victoria is excellent, the orneryness of Reem is good tv (even though I can’t stand her) and I think Julia is going to go far. I half think she could win it actually. So the casting isn’t all terrible – although maybe the people with silent edits simply have nothing to say???

  12. According to this Keith was cast on his audition tape without anyone actually seeing him. Or asking if he could swim. Or if he would learn before shooting began.

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