General chat for Easter – with Bobi

We have a new guest host for general chat – woo hoo! Thank you and over to Bobi (autocorrect really wanted to make you Bono):

As the nights grow colder and we adjust to daylight saving, I am indulging in crime, murder and mayhem. As you know, I love a good murder/mystery. Sadly, there is little that holds my attention for long.
Killing Eve (ABC) and Counterpart (SBS) are a slow build but I am finding the enormous (as in, who has that much spare time in summer?) investment worthwhile. Paranoid was tedious (blah, blah, blah) and The Break (Netflix) is getting the better of me. It is Scandinavian bleak without that thing that holds your attention.
I prefer my tv more mystery and less murdery, so any suggestions would be gladly welcome.
But my go-to at the moment is more on the lighter side. I binged The Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix) and Wellington Paranormal (SBS). They may not be everyone’s cup of tea. My family thought they were silly but I thought they were a hoot and I could watch them again. New Zealanders punch above their weight, don’t they?
I do love the odd documentary: Employable Me (ABC) is just a joy – one part so sad and three part incredibly up-lifting. I am shedding happy tears all over the doona.

NOT to be mistaken for a MAFS contestant.

And I am watching, with bated breath, the ads for the return of Masterchef. I am so excited. I so need this. I found MAFS an assault on my soul. Seriously, guys, how does a woman who calls her child Baby pass the psychological testing? Not.
And hugs to you all. You are my tribe.



  1. Mr Juz and I are pleased Eve is back. The actress who plays Villanelle (I know that is nowhere near right but can’t be bothered googling) is so good.

  2. No one could mistake that lovely, natural face for a face from MAFS. Is that your doggo?

    As a free-to-air tv person, I watch Insight, You Can’t Ask That, and 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, among others that don’t come to mind right now. I’m looking forward to Who Do You Think You Are, although I will skip the Scott Cam episode because he annoys me no end.

    I always watch One Born Every Minute no matter which channel it’s on. Kudos for the camera work on that, which manages to show the baby sliding out, seemingly without compromising the mother’s privacy. Well, it must show the exit area, but I suppose seeing a baby being born distracts from that.

    And yes, roll on MasterChef.

    Thanks, Bobi, for stepping up.

    • He’s my long doggo (I also have a tiny little man).
      He’s a beautiful boy. Stoic as. I can highly recommend a greyhound to anyone who is thinking of getting a rescue dog, assuming you are happy to give up ownership of your couch.
      8 out of 10 was a bit of fun. Thanks for that. I will tune in again.

    • So nice to discuss FTA shows, Von. So many discussions (elsewhere) are dominated by shows I have never heard of. I like the shows you have mentioned, although we dip in and out of Insight depending on the topic. 8 out of 10 can be hilarious, but I could do without the fella who comes in later usually in fancy dress, he kills the mood for me. Comedy-wise, we are late-to-the-party on Would I Lie To You? This is one of the few shows where I laugh out loud (plus Hard Quiz) and often I am ROFL at Lee Mack.

      I also love One Born. Anyone who wants to know the realities of labour, I point them to that show. I like that it also shows the mundane hours of early labour, and that very few women lie down on their backs during.

  3. Great shot of Doggie, Bobi.
    I also enjoy a lot of documentaries. ATM I am watching the guy in the colourful suits doing a Great Continental Railways ep through Deutschland.

    I haven’t found a new series to get me in. I might try Counterpart next, although I find streaming from sbs not as easy as stan or netflix.

    I’m getting reading for Easter, which is a party with Easter Egg hunting and games at our place.
    On another topic, I haven’t absorbed the burning of Notre Dame yet. We will be there in about 8 weeks.

  4. I am throwing a nice birthday dinner tonight with my friends. Ibgot a pasta maker so I will make tagliatelle with yummy grilled vegetables. And panna cotta for dessert. I just am still figuring out how to plate it.

  5. As a carry over from the last chat, I am so pleased your family drama is over, Daisy.
    My son’s first girlfriend (bless her) always made sure I had a relationship with my first grandchild (now an adult). She is not the easiest person in the world but she values family, unlike my dill aka the evil one.
    My mother used to advise me to keep my heart soft. She always thought the best of everyone. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. Or a better way of thinking about it is, it works unless you come across someone who is self- absorbed and whose natural inclination is to manipulate.

    • It is hard to keep the soft heart when the person is badly hurting someone you love, as well. My SIL is currently hurting my much-loved BIL, and I would find it very hard if I was his mum. Hard enough from this POV. I try to remember that she is still damaged from childhood with divorced parents.

      • Amaretti Biscuits with extra Amaretto. 😉 One of my friends loved them so much, she took the rest home with her. Also made my own Tagliatelle. So, I can do Pasta and Panna Cotta. If I were Australian, I could do Masterchef now. I am sure I can invent some kind of sob story and colour my hair blonde.
        And why on earth does that system turn pictures around? 😀

        • If you right click on the pic, and open image in new tab, it’s the right way around.

          It looks lovely and tempting either way.

  6. “Game of Thrones” started back this week, 11AM on Monday. I had a doctor’s appointment, but I got my Foxtel box to record it … although I hardly needed to, because Foxtel screened the episode on repeat all day.

    I loved it. I enjoyed it as much as I thought it would. It hit all the story-beats I expected it to, and a few that I didn’t. There was only one onscreen death, and it was a minor character … but that just means there’ll be more character deaths in the remaining five episodes.

    Those damn dragons deserve an Emmy for best supporting actors in a comedy series. They stole every scene they were in.

    Meanwhile, my family are on a month-long tour of the world. But everywhere they go, they’ve run into wild political protests. They started in Seoul, and had to keep telling everyone they were Australian and not American, and they’re currently in London, which is a case of tripping over a different protest every five minutes.

    • I expected to find myself seeing the Yellow Jacket protests in Paris
      I wonder if the burning of Notre Dame might impact the protests. They aren’t in the same streets.

      • It was lovely seeing Edd and Tormund reunite, and these onetime enemies give each other a big hug.

        Then they found the kid, and it turned into pure nightmare fuel. Such is Game of Thrones. I’m looking forward to next week, because they’re building towards the battle of Winterfell, when the army of the dead finally arrive.

        • I will give GofT a go.. I had confused it with Hunger Games which I turned off early on because the concept was unsettling.

          • GoT isn’t for everybody, it has a certain narrative style that is either hit or miss, like, there’s no in-between.

            But the show is so plot-heavy, that you really have to start at the beginning. Like, there are things that happen in season one, and there’s not pay-off until five or six seasons later. It’s very heavy on continuity, but I imagine that’s one of the things people find so appealing about it.

            I wasn’t interested in it, at first, but then I was stuck at home watching TV, last year, and it was either catch up on GoT or watch the cricket. Not really much of a choice, to be honest.

          • Windsong, I always have to watch shows from ep1. If it’s too fantasy I probably won’t get into it. I prefer shows with people, not fantasy creatures.We are going to Dubrovnik on our holiday and I am told G of T fans go there because it was made tbere.

          • Some of the plot-lines (particularly the ongoing storylines about the dragon princess, and the oncoming threat of Winter) are more fantasy-based, while a lot of the other storylines (families all squabbling over who gets to sit on the Iron Throne) are more politics and war. Like I said, there’s a lot going on, story-wise, throughout the series.

  7. I mentioned it before but I am really into Aircrash jnvestigations. I have watched so many of them that if I am ever in a plane that starts going down, I will have to say, “Let me in the cockpit. I know what this is”. 😁

    Also I have been binging on Propert Ladder UK. I love the way the first-time developers refuse the free advice from the expert. I really recommend this show. It’s on 7two.

    • I like Air Crash Investigations, too, Daisy. It’s very sad sometimes, but still interesting to see how the investigators work out the causes of the crash.

      Although, if I were in a plane about to go down, I doubt I’d offer to help but would just sit in my seat praying and shitting myself.

      • The new iteration of Twilight Zone is on tonight, on 10 after Gogglebox. I doubt it will be better than the first series – loved you, Rod – but will give it a go.

        • Yes, I noticed TZ and recorded it. It probably won’t seem as good aswatching it when your a kid. I vaguely recall one where (I think) the kids’ mother died so they went to a place and chose eyes, nose, hair etc for a new mother. I also recollect one where someone went into a wall and could never get out again. 😊

          I also like watching the one on kids’ tv; The Haunting Hour. I have to screen each ep before letting the (older) grandkids watch.

          • Mr 7 has discovered Goosebumps so I have been watching some of the old series and the recentish movie with Jack Black. Afterwards Mr 7 asked me who Stephen King was and asked to see a picture of Pennywise. No way, kid!

        • The one that has stayed with me forever was about a prisoner arranging an escape by hiding in a coffin. When the next person from the prison died, the coffin would be taken out and buried. Unfortunately the guy who was going to dig him out of the graveyard turned out to be the dead guy in the coffin.
          I made up my mind then are there that I was going to be cremated.
          I have never gotten over it. TZ is scary as hell.

          • Yes, Bobi, I saw a scary movie (was it a Peter Lori movie?) where they opened the coffin to find fingernail scratches on the inside. And that’s when I decided on cremation.

            I reckon Haunting Hour has some really scary episodes. I loved the one about the doll.

    • Without even pretending that I can see inside this marriage and what went wrong, Phil seemed a bit of a boyo to me. I would find it really annoying to be with someone who was permanently 12 years old.
      I remember him taking every opportunity to have more than he should to drink: not an endearing quality.
      Still, these things happen and she is taking the forwards and upwards route. Good luck to her.

    • Yes!

      I enjoyed it, but it felt like the calm before the storm. You could tell they were saving the budget, because most of today’s scenes were indoor dialogue scenes, and we know all the budget they saved was channelled into episode 3. Like, this episode was the nice lovely dinner before we get our hearts broken tomorrow.

      I loved all the little moments. The characters continue to reunite. When Sansa and Theon met again, I nearly cried. And I loved how, as unsettling as Tormund’s crush on Brienne has been … when Jaime knighted her, Tormund gave her a standing ovation. Oh, and Jon leans in to hug Edd … and Tormund suddenly charges in from the side to glomp him. That was very cute.

      But so many characters had, “Gosh, I hope we survive the oncoming zombie apocalypse” moments that, man, they might as well have been signing and dating their own suicide notes.

      • Theon is so going to die defending Bran. I love Alfie Allen in this. The chats around the fire were great. Of course Tormund was suckled by a giant! I hope Ser Brienne survives

        • The highlight of the episode was the chat around the fire. When Jaime knighted Brienne and everybody clapped (and Tormund cheered and whistled), that was so cool. Beautiful piece of acting from everyone. So Pod can sing, too?

          I think with Jorah Mormont, we can dig a grave for him right now. Theon, too. I love the guy, but he’s a dead-man walking. Hell, I’d be surprised if Bran survived. Oh, and when Grey Worm was giving the speech about taking Missande home to Narth? RIP, Grey Worm.

          I don’t think Davos is going to make it (which makes me sad, because I love him), and Tormund is probably my favourite character of the lot of them (that crazy red-headed giant of a man), so I’m expecting him to go down fighting. I want Edd to survive, but that’s another one I think is iffy.

          I mean, a few of them have to make it (the two Lannister siblings and Sandor Clegane, if nobody else. Plus, Jon and Dany still have to some stuff to deal with, so I imagine they’ll live). There’s still three episodes to go after next week! It’d be a boring series if everybody died in episode 3. But I’m expecting some serious emotional devastation, this time next week.

          I had thought that Podrick was a goner, but did you see him sparring with the other soldiers in the background, today? All those training sessions with Brienne paid off. The kid’s become a certified badass. He might actually make it.

          And I want Gendry to survive as well.

  8. You fellow ttvers are enticing me to watch Game of. At the moment we are watching Travels with my Father.

    • As a lifelong cat-disliker, I sit typing this morning with a gorgeous Russian Blue curled up against my leg. He came into our house when eldest DS returned home after his marriage breakdown, and has wormed his way into my affections. I still don’t like cats in general, and intensely dislike the messy practical stuff of having a pet, but I can now see why people have them. He (and DS) are moving out again next month, and I will miss both of them. 🙁
      Fortunately they will still be close by for frequent visits,

      • I love cats, but not too fond of dogs. But her little girl is really adorable! She is playful and still so wobbly when walking. My nieces love her as well, but being 3 and 5, they both can be a bit loud and overly excited. But apparently that kind of breed is extremely child friendly and so far she is indeed and my sister is a police woman handling a dog, so she knows her stuff thamkfully, so does her boyfriend.

      • Russian blues are gorgeous cats. We’re cat lovers but don’t have one at the moment as they make Mr 7 too anxious, much as he adores them.

      • And now our dad saw her and he retires in July… so this ends in him getting a dog as well.^^ He is totally in love with little Pepsi.

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