Bachiedise is on tonight

It’s finals week so Bachelor in Paradise is screening Sun-Thurs.

But check your local TV guides, as mine says that from Tues-Thurs it does not start until 8.40pm. Eek!



    • I can’t believe someone lacks that much self-awareness.

      He is just creepy as hell. Verbally threatening Nathan, just for the crime of chatting to Tenille? That is the mother of all red flags, right there. This guy is nuts.

      • Aren’t they supposed to vet contestants for police records before accepting them on reality shows? Someone wrote on twitter her friend used to go out with him & took a restraining order on him. Surely they should have checked that out & not had him on.

        • No, they’ve had people on before who’ve had AVOs out against them. Same difference. Channel 10 doesn’t care.

  1. Listening to a possessive and frightening Ivan slurring his words, I’m just wondering how liquoring up someone — a guy who’s obviously too emotionally-immature to deal with something like this — is possibly a good idea.

  2. So Richie breaks the heart of another blond girl, live on television. For the love of mercy, Richie.

    You notice how everyone sees Cass like she’s their sweet little sister? It was nice to see just how comforting everybody (like, everybody) was, after Richie decided to leave. I find myself siding with Alex, on this one. Why spend the day talking the potential future you have with the girl, Rich, if you’re just gonna break up with her at the cocktail party?

    • It was like watching someone kick a puppy. And I don’t think he meant to kick the puppy; he was just oblivious to how spending every waking moment with one girl would give her the idea that he wanted a girlfriend. Cass is the type who needs to know early if she is in the friendship zone.

      • I do honestly feel for her. By all onscreen evidence, she’s a very sweet, kind person, and the entire cast seemed to adore her. And I think she’s smarter than she lets on.

        But she does tend to fall hard, and fall fast, doesn’t she? I think the only thing that gets you through that is time, and she is very young.

        • I missed the episode so didn’t get to see the douche bag broke her heart. I want to watch it in ten plus but I need to sign in? 😩
          So true Wingsong! Think the douche wasn’t in it. Just lead her on! Did he not realised he’s robbing her opportunity to explore others on the island? Not that there is much to explore really!?
          Even though I don’t approved of her choice swimwear ( not that she needs my approval lol ) ai d have a soft spot for sweet Cass. Maybe I feel for her heartbreak not one but twice in national tv🤦‍♀️

  3. If anyone was paying attention, Matty J and Laura got engaged over the weekend. Or maybe he proposed earlier and they only just announced it, this weekend, but they seem happy.

  4. Cyrell on mafs and now Ivan. Someone’s going to get hurt. Channel 10 producers need to move quickly to remove abusive people and those who show signs of controlling obsessive behaviour. Thank goodness Gomer has gone.
    As for Cass and Richie, well I kind of side with Richie. The others commented all along that Cass had latched onto Richie, not the other way around and he had never promised her anything or even kissed her. It was the nature of the game to pair up. I think as soon as she talked of their future he had to leave. I think he did the right thing. And considering how not long ago she was swooning for the ugly Honey Badger, I think she would make a good Bachette. She falls quickly and hard.
    I did like the way others stepped in to comfort her, but Alex was biased. Of course she’s not going to speak well of her ex. Richie knew it wasn’t going to take, and he left, which is more than we can say for the others, eg Jules.

    • “Channel 10 producers need to move quickly to remove abusive people and those who show signs of controlling obsessive behaviour.”

      The thing is, they won’t, though. It’s great for ratings, until someone actually does get hurt. When someone does get physically assaulted or injured, that’s when the outcry will force the networks to make statements about how, “We take the safety of our contestants seriously” and “Domestic violence is not something we encourage or approve of” or whatever. You can see it happening, clear as day.

      But they won’t take a stand until it’s already too late to save one person. You just know it.

      • Yes. It’s like Black Mirror. The horrible thing is the huge number of young people who are seeing this as normal. My 12gd year old said her favourite mafs was Cyrell and that is the same on fb. Aaaah.
        Even all this partnering up and partner swapping is hopefully not normal. The whole Richie/Cass thing wouldn’t have happened if the idea wasn’t to pair up.
        Sorry, I am spoiling it. It’s a laugh for us but it’s some people’s reality.

  5. Cass is in love again with a rugby player. She is a sweet girl and I hope the guys don’t take advantage of her.

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