1. Who’s watching? I guessed Brooke’s “big secret”. What is with these girls liking Paddy? Is it just because they are all from Adelaide? Is Energizer Bunny Britney getting so much airtime because she goes soon?

  2. I thought Shannon was Sam Frost.
    I might watch a bit of this bullshirt.

    Isn’t this really just ppl trying to extend their 15 seconds.

  3. I watched it. I wonder why he’s called “Paddy”? Perhaps the number of times he’s been in a paddy wagon. He looked set to explode when called a moron. Morons In Paradise.

    • Paddy continues to be inexplicably attractive to the people around him. He’s got a very decent body, but in the words of a friend of mine, he’s a very classic prawn — keep the body and throw away the head. And personality-wise, yikes. He’s the guy you handcuff to a bed, for a very enjoyable extended long weekend, but he’s not the guy you marry.

      I was excited to see Shannon again, but Brittney, my gosh. It’s like customs confiscated her meds when she arrived at the airport, and didn’t give them back. She’s, like, at a 300, while everyone else is operating at a 6.

      Richie continues to be a literal vacuum of personality. I was paying more attention to the hibiscus tree behind him, than him. Not to mention, every woman he dated on his own season turned into a lesbian. He shows up to Paradise and suddenly Alex and Brooke are making out? That’s not a coincidence, people.

      As for the American/Russian guy from the American franchise? My gosh. That man’s shoulders? He could break me in half. I’d be half-tempted to let him do it.

    • Maybe she meant tinder. Or perhaps she was trying to say someone with a pace maker. Or she wanted someone with wifi.

      BTW…the blue floral….yew. And it made her bum look big.

        • She can hide in the shrubbery, eavesdropping camouflaged.

          The guys are all blugggh millenial; blown up gym bodies, slick hair. Gross. The girls are boring. Well Rachel is witty, but the rest are ho hum. Wannabe lesbians. Boring.

          • I’m not a great fan of over pumped bodies either…a bit like the botox equivalent for the body. ..or rig at least. Not loving the guy’s skinny jeans and shoes with no socks or the leg tats look either.

          • Yeah, I tend to find skinny jeans as an instant turn-off.

            Knowing that Bill has a really tacky tattoo, though? Not hugely surprising.

          • Skinny jeans are hid…eeeee….ous.
            Mathematically….they will exaggerate a bum size. Bring back flairs.

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