1. I’ll be watching. Usually just the reveal night though but sometimes a bit more. Much better with the Jamie Durie swap in my opinion!

  2. Absolutely. One of the houses is in my home town. I absolutely want to see it. My dad and uncle work at a hardware store, apparently they served a few of the teams.

  3. I will be watching, but am very apprehensive about “changes” – I liked it the way it was.

    I do agree with replacing Drew, but not a fan of Jamie, and from the promos it already feels like he is going to take over. He needs to be a sidekick to Laurence, and take the back seat more.

  4. I am like everyone else and will probably only watch the reveals. If the promos are anything to go by, the anti has been uped.
    And I join the small vocal crowd who don’t like Jamie Durie. This is a guy who just doesn’t know when to shut up. He likes the sound of his own voice and dislikes he sound of anyone else’s.
    My tolerance is low.

  5. I guess we can only hope Jamie has calmed down in the intervening years. I prefer my TV gardeners Charlie from Selling Houses Australia style

  6. I met Jamie Durie once.

    I was 10, and my family was on a flight to Singapore, but we got upgraded to business class (the second level of the 747 jumbos), with all the other classy people.

    Manpower Australia (the male stripper group that Durie used to be in?) were also on that flight. True story.

  7. Not a fan of Jamie Durie. How many times has that plastic,sleazy root rat been caught cheating? Strippers should be kept for the dating shows. Give us hosts with a moral compass.

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