• Ning-nong continues to be a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. She wrote leave down, a stack of times, and at the end of this episode, she confessed that she was seriously considering ending things now … but she’s upset because Mark ended things now? Like, if the relationship was worth so little to her that she tried to leave a whole bunch of times, why on Earth would she be upset at Mark deciding to cut his losses and leave?

      Meanwhile, I giggled when Michael said that, being by himself for the week had given him the opportunity to finally figure things out for himself. I’m sure he asked Martha’s permission first to do so, though.

      • Oh my God, Ning Nong’s reaction to getting dumped. She bitched about Mark from go to woe (and I mean woe). She was rude, whiny and blaming her insulting behaviour on her hang-ups. Thank goodness Mark packed it in.
        And Ning Nong went off licking her wounds. What man would put up with her crap?

    • Both sides quoth “This is bullshit!”

      Let’s face it, Mark wouldn’t find a root in a wood yard. You could have a more elevated conversation with one of his farm animals. His mate’s an arsehole.

      Tonight’s viewing was hard work. Nice scenery. Had to get the Bridge and Centrepoint Tower in but….

      • Would a hard working farmer do that? I know there’s a drought and everything. No room for mistakes over meals. Times are tougher than shit

        Lite’n Easy?Portion control? Or is he in jail? The flamin’ Galah.

  1. The producers probably made Mark eat that tv dinner to make him look like a lonely bachelor.
    And I forgot to mention again that Ning Nong can’t speak properly because of her pumped up lips and botox all around her mouth. She couldn’t move her mouth to form the words.

    I hope Michael comes to his senses asap. Perhaps Martha is wearing an intoxicating perfume called Mantrap and it has a drug in it that paralyzes the male brain cells.

  2. Well done Mark! In the end he did the right thing. To throw himself into Ning’s crazy world and top that off with 3 kids would destroy him. It’s really Ning’s loss, she’s not going to find a man who can be calm through all her shit and chaos.

    Michael’s parents tried soooo hard to bitch slap some sense into him (as best they could in front of a camera) and he’s completely under her spell. She’ll appreciate having him around to fetch her things and such. Don’t know why Bondi has more demands for makeup artists than Melbourne? For him to go to Sydney to teach would require him to spend a year getting the qualifications to teach in Sydney, because as I’m aware being a Victorian teacher you’re not eligible to teach in Sydney straight away. If she really loved him… going back to Melbourne her real home town would not be a problem… and I’m sure she’ll have just as many fangirls in Melbourne wanting a piece of her.

    • Martha’s a real piece of work, though. She’ll discard him, the second he stops worshipping the ground she walks on, and move on to the next sucker.

      Unfortunately, Michael is going to figure that one out, the hard way.

      • Yes. Roll on the follow up stories. Hopefully Michael’s parents have since given him sage advice such as, keep paying your mortgage, and only take a year’s leave. Oh, and don’t breed with her. She’ll be a narcissistic mother.

        • Her comment on “How it’s just easy” to be with him… it’s easy for her.. not for him… once it becomes not “easy” for her…

          • Still, I suppose, she knows she isn’t invested enough to move and told him so. He chose to say he was all in boots and all. It’s more on him really. I don’t think she ever said she loves him or wanted to remain together. I see she is a Queen bee but the move is on him. Also he’s not reading her lack of enthusiasm as “lack of enthusiasm”

          • And he completely missed that she was rolling her eyes at him while saying his “final vows.”

          • Micheal is so thoughtful, she tells her Mum. Not once have we heard him say the same of her

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