1. Melissa once again demonstrates how unstable she is.

    Heidi dresses like one of the workers at the local brothel. #justanobservation

  2. Martha brushes Michael’s hair. He is such putty.
    Martha tells the camera she is soooooo over the drama (with her fingers crossed behind her back).

  3. So, MAFS on one channel, and MKR on the other. I don’t know which pack of unlikeable assholes I least want to spend time with, tonight.

    I did notice here how they sent in the nice, friendly, stable couples first, waited until they were all liquored up, and *then* sent in the abusive self-obsessed psychopaths. I can’t wait until Cyrell glasses somebody.

    All else aside, Cam and Jules really do look like they’ve formed a genuine bond, despite being a part of this disgraceful nightmare of a show, and I am happy for them, and hope they make it.

    • That really says it all, doesn’t it? And Michael tried to remind her that she’d promised to behave, and she immediately takes it back, and bans her husband from talking to someone she doesn’t like.

      Is Martha 12? My gosh.

  4. Meanwhile, there’s Suzie, with her gigantic fake … assets. And Billy’s constant abuse is still being played for laughs. Screw you, you three morons.

  5. The Bridge and Centrepoint Tower are looking great this week, just like last week. I just need an Opera House to complete the night’s viewing. Terra nullius here we come..

    What a glittering night. The best of humanity on display.

    Mel Schilling looks hot.

  6. So Lizzy, Tam,Mick and Cyrell are in one corner. Suzie, Jess and Martha in the other.

    Martha labels the others as rancid trash and childish but she is the one forbidding Michael from talking to Cyrell. Priceless.

    • I did enjoy Ines having a go at him. He’s just so slimy, really. And his new bogan haircut makes it worse.

      • And I did appreciate Ines’s comment that she is not as kept woman and she buys her own shoes. So many sugar babies there tonight

    • Yeah. As bitchy as Cyrell is being … was she wrong?

      Michael *doesn’t* have any balls. And Martha just committed assault.

        • Of course Michael has a pair of balls, Cyrell!

          Martha keeps them in a jar beside her bed, and occasionally, Michael has permission to use them. But only if he asks nicely.

      • Martha’s arse is an “ass”ault on my senses.

        Cyrell was just being Cyrell. What you don’t want to see is what you get.

        Home movies should be fun tomorrow night. Thanks, Maz.

        • As awful as Cyrell is, I find it hard to side against her, in that group, because the people she’s upset with are, like, a hundred times worse than her.

    • Heheh. Awww.

      Jules: “Cam and I are getting married for real! For my bridesmaids, I want two of the most unstable people in the room!”

      Great plan, Jules.

      • Hard to guess who they might be (the bridesmaids). I’m spoilt for choice just thinking about it and that includes the three stooges.

          • If you could make Heidi swear off men, for half an hour, she’d probably be manageable as a bridesmaid.

            If Melissa volunteered to be my bridesmaid, I’d hold the wedding in England, and tell Melissa the wedding was in Argentina.

  7. So there’s one more episode left? Cyrell’s still got plenty of time to throw somebody out a window.

    Gosh, I hope it’s Martha. Or Sam. Or Jess. Or Ines. Or any of the three morons.

  8. Can the producers possibly find larger glasses for these savages to drink from? A yard glass or two wouldn’t go astray.

    Fair go Ch 9. We gotta have bouncers next year. Crowd control sexperts.

  9. Oh my gawd, I can’t abide all that screaming and shouting over the top of everyone. Fishwives. Cyrell is the Dog Monster. What is it with her need to set herself up over everyone’s relationship? She blamed Martha for Mick’s and her relationship fail but the problem is right under her nose, and it’s her horrendously loud, gaping hole of a mouth.
    But she wasn’t the only loud mouth at the table. Melissa and Elizabeth were rude and raucous too.
    I thought Cyrell needed that drink on her head for thinking she can just bash everyone by shouting, and shouting and shouting at them. She should think about letting karma do it’s work instead of trying to force people to heel.
    Cyrell is the worst imo.

  10. I’m not saying I like anyone on mafs, but Cyrell could maul a crocodile. What’s really troubling though, is how hugely popular she is on mafs’ fb site. Most comments are praising her and calling for her to be sainted or knighted, or made PM. It shows how low Australia has sunk if this wild beast is highly esteemed.

    How can anyone think any of them are praiseworthy? Even Cam and Jules, with all their “madly in love” gushing are dubious.

  11. Cyrell… jealousy or the inability to actually have any control over her life! Granted Jessika, Martha and a few others would make me lose my shit, but as Nic kept telling her.. let it go and focus on what she can control. Also where was all the shit that was supposed to come out about Nic anyway?

    Michael has completely gone to the dark side! Numb-nut… “I’ll support my wife!” … dude she aint your wife… the experiment is over, you’re not legally married…. deluded puppet! Hopefully after last night.. his folks have kidnapped him and sent him in to have his mind reconfigured or a labotomy.

    Ning and Mark… wonder what’s going on there? But with the 6 weeks apart and the pressure removed they at least had something.

    Also noticed not much screen time for what’s his name… Indian Recording wife dude….

    Sam is a knob!

  12. So apparently, the four most hated contestants have had to be hidden away in safe-houses somewhere in rural Queensland for their own protection.


    The world we live in, eh? Who could’ve thought that, after deliberately choosing people to be controversial and hated, channel 9 has a show where the stars are universally hated? Who would’ve predicted that?

    • Ch 9 should have at least given their stars tasers to protect themselves with once they’re released back into the wild. Instead some half arsed psych has probably bleated ” haters gonna hate” at them and shaken hands and gone.

      • Yep. Last night, I really regretted the past few weeks watching Australia’s finest specimens. I can easily say I have seen better behaviour in the monkey enclosure.
        Cyrell would do better in life if she stopped trying to police others. There are always going to be Marthas and Jessicas. Put your muzzle on Cyrell and leave them to it. As classy as it wasn’t, I laughed at that Carrie moment when red wine was dumped on Cyrell’s head, just because for 2 seconds she took a breath. I hope that wine was cheap because neither of them are worth more than an asti spumanti.

        • This show has just been 40 episodes of awful people being awful to each other.

          It’s like a modern day Game of Thrones, except without the dragons … but wait, they have Cyrell instead. And Martha, Suzie and Jess have so little living flesh inside their chests and faces that they’d certainly count among the army of the dead.

          And Ines is the insane Queen Cersei … this actually works.

      • Wnat to see how awful they have become? Read the high praises for Cyrell on the mafs fb site. They love her and have done so from the start. “She’s so authentic”. Well authentically horrible.

        I think it’s time the show was pulled for teaching an already messed up sector of younger people that it’s ok to behave like that.

        • Cut out the booze, give these folks a few bongs and Valiums and let’s see how they roll . It is an “experiment”, right? . People will still get “intimate” but they won’t remember who with, or if it was a good experience. The producers have let us down badly.

          • You actually have a good idea there, Dave. A dinner party where they are all smoking bongs. They could throw water….if they could be bothered getting up. 😂😂😂😂

        • I forgot to say, “tut tut”, but seriously; what’s up for next season? Spousal abuse? No wait. We already had that.
          Then spouse bashing.
          BTW, I really hope that Mark and Ning Nong don’t reunite. Serves him right if he does though. That girl is so whiny and hard work.

          I was surprised that Mike looked genuinely hurt last night. I thought Heidi was too bogan for him. Still, Mike lacked self awareness. He had no idea when he was riding rough shod over people. I’m not surprised that Heidi was constantly feeling trampled.

  13. This show was about the producers finding the most vacuous, attention seeking, narcissists they could find. Perfect for the show’s ratings. Matchmaking had nothing to do with it.
    Why didn’t the so called experts step in, to diffuse the situation? One word only – ratings.

    What a debacle this show has become. It doesn’t resemble the first couple of Seasons which were actually quite enjoyable.

      • Not that anybody’s noticed, since nobody has been watching MKR this year anyway.

        The sad thing is, MKR hasn’t been a cooking competition for quite some time.

  14. Oh dear. I am getting ads like this, I guess because the algorithm is smart enough to know I posted a pic of Dan’s hideous shoes!

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