1. I’m shattered that it’s not on tomorrow. Ch 9 know that two nights in a row of this shit will kill people.Those heart wrenching speeches were something else, no? Who wrote them for these fools?

    Heidi chose a monster to fall for. Ply these idiots well with alcohol for the reunion dinner/stoush. Can’t wait. The sexperts have failed.

    • I couldn’t believe Heidi and Mike actually chose to stick together.

      Have they been watching a different TV show to the rest of us? Guys, for the love of mercy, if you’re having that much trouble making it work (while living in a luxury apartment, with zero family or career pressures or responsibilities), how in the twenty-seven blue hells are you going to make your relationship work in the outside world?

      They’re both nutters.

        • That’s what I’m waiting to hear Maz. The ‘after news’. Normally I don’t care about rtvers personal lives, it’s all about what’s on screen, but in this case, the ‘after news’ says a lot about the on screen events.

          I think the person who might have learned the most is Ning Nong. You just can’t treat a (normal) person like s**t for weeks and expect them to love you. Unless it’s Michael.

      • To be fair.. having camera crews, producers and knowing everything you’re doing for 2 months is being watched and taped… don’t think that would be too easy… perhaps if they met on the outside world who knows.

  2. Mike’s speech was brutal. She should have left him at the altar. Anyone else think the reunion was tonight? Misleading advertising

    • Heidi should have kicked Mike in the nuts and bolted was the consensus here…..well before Mike had finished spewing up all that appalling garbage. Anyone could tell that someone like Barry Manilow had written those speeches. Whatever happened to “this is bullshit?”

      I knew about the reunion for Sunday, just one big dysfunctional drunken orgy. How’s the intimacy?

  3. Mike will wipe the floor with Heidi. Until he dumps her.
    He’s way too smooth (when he’s not tearing shreds off Jess) and arrogant for my liking.

    Mike shoiild have got Cyrano de Beugerac to write his marriage speech. Or anyone else really.

    I can’t wait to find out who lasted at all after the show. I am guessing not many, if any.

    • He’ll wipe his arse with her first.

      Most of these couples could go straight Jerry Springer.

      The entire experiment has been a colossal disaster……except for the ratings. What a sick experiment. What sick therapists. What sick producers. I mean old school, hideous “sick”

    • Cam and Jules are the only couple who would even be able to stand each other, after a few months. I have hopes for them.

      Apparently Jess and Dan are still together, but they’re such awful people that they deserve each other. Michael will have gotten his heart broken by now, and Heidi and Mike? Yeesh, that one will end in crime scene tape and chalk outlines.

  4. Speaking of crime scenes; they have brought Cyrell back to have another “bash” at the show. She’s one king hit or one glassing away from prison.
    What I would really love is to be her neighbour and hear her yelling at her kids, “YOU BLOODY KIDS QUIT FIGHTING AND GET INSIDE!”
    You know that’s not true. But seriously, how awful would it be living next door to her.
    “Your dog kept me awake with its barking last night”.
    “That was no dog. That was my wife”

    • From the preview, it looks like Martha was the one who instigates the fight knowing how Cyrell will react.

      • Yes looks like Martha is the culprit… “I’m going to go over there and spill my wine on her head”…. this time it looks like Jess goads Martha to do it…

        • Or the nasty producers goaded.

          That’s much more like it. “Let’s get the girl who needs three months on a Dr Phil pony ranch to get into a fight and throw wine on Martha. Martha, are you good with that”
          Martha: “If it gets me more camera time, and as long as I get a make-up redo immediately”.

          Oh me of little faith. 😄

          • Now watch as Martha and Jess play victim and say, “but everybody is so mean to us!” through their grossly-inflated lips.

  5. Don’t knock those lips. If they went down into the ocean in an aircrash, they could save their lives. 😜

  6. Finally saw the “last” dinner party episode.
    Where to start?.
    Martha is scared that she will be filmed with a double chin so she constantly rests her head on her hand.
    Michael is really, really pathetic. Whether true or not, we have the impression that he is an ineffectual teacher and would allow the dominant personalities control the class. Martha, practically tells him he is not good enough for her, and he still doesn’t get it. He has just handed his students, years of ammunition to bully him.

    Mike, yes he is patronising but he has been paired with someone who is not only the bluntest tool in the shed but has some serious issues. Permanent eggshell territory.

    Jessika, what a piece of work. Notice how she treats Dan like Meghan Markle treats Harry. The constant rubbing and the need to physically control. She is toxic and dangerous. Her lifestyle choices portend to a premature death.

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