1. It looks like the core competency this season is to stare wistfully into the space uttering the mantra. “This is my last chance.”

    Anyone going to keep track of how many pannacottas, dumplings, chocolate soils and spheres we are going to be subjected to this season.

    Think the dead Nonna is going to be displaced by the refugee story.

    We do wonder If Leggos is sponsoring MC this year as they have effectively swiped their tagline “making the love.”

  2. Love the ad where the expertise of one of the contestants is in making a real tall sandwich… screams of that pathetic episode with Jamie Oliver a couple years ago when they had to make a picnic platter and jamie just goes about tossing random deli items and vegetables on a wooden board and finishes it off by drizzling olive oil on top.

    So now we get to see number 241-264 of Australia’s best Amatah cooks go at it again… can’t be worse than MKR surely?

      • I ‘m waiting for a contestant to dare to dream and produce a croquembouche made from deconstructed fennel.

    • I am liking your confidence, HWHNN but with the jaded judges and weary cliches I am not completely certain. Still, hopefully they do not slide into the MRK mire of Controversy and Relationships and Feuds.

  3. I think I can watch this year. It will be touch and go though, but i do miss cooking shows. Bake Off is great, but I like the savoury options too.
    Should we start a poll on this season’s cliche?
    I am kicking off with GIN. Every second place I go to (and I don’t go out much at ALL) seems to be obsessed with craft gin. Remember Whisky Bar Girl (Eloise?) who managed to put whisky in everything? I think we will see a gin version.

  4. I’m voting on deconstructed.
    It’s the word I use when my dish doesn’t taste, or look, like the recipe.

  5. I know that there will be repetitions, and pretentiousness, and soggy backstories, but as long as they stay away from the terrible decisions in MKR/MAFS I will watch. At least until they find a young blonde girl to favour through to final four, then I am probably gone.

    How lovely would it be to have an older person (ie over 30) win? Or at least be given a fighting chance?

    • MC does better than most shows to feature people of diverse ages and backgrounds, but there’s a big pool of young people with no family or business commitments who are more likely to audition

  6. Gary said this is going to be the best season ever.

    Funny how that’s been said before and it’s been the worst season ever. I swear on my dead Nonna’s life.

    I think ice cream will again a Ma$terfetish again. It never sets in time and some fool will go arse up racing fro the blast chiller. Here comes the ambulance..

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