1. And will someone finally be eliminated tonight?

    Mum (of Mum and Son) has a habit of cracking under pressure. I’m starting to think that team might not be the sure thing that they seemed to be, back at the start. Cricket mates as the dark horses?

  2. This is to get into the semi finals and all they need to do is ONE canape. The standard of cooking is really going downhill

  3. I did end up yelling “oh, for chrissake, stop crying” at the mum last night. I think scoring so high in their original instant restaurant may have worked against them in the end. They seem to think every dish they make will be scored a 10, and are shattered when that doesn’t happen.

  4. “The risk of cooking with a pressure cooker is you can’t see into it” This guy is a genius. We’ve seen pressure cookers for ten years.

    What have I been missing?

  5. So it’s the night when the contestants cook for a restaurant full of celebrities … boy, we’re playing fast and loose with the use of the word ‘celebrity’ there, aren’t we?

    I feel like Ibby and Romel would’ve been so chuffed to be shmoozing with the a-listers … well, okay, the d-listers. I wonder how the d-listers felt?

  6. The fusion from Victor and G hasnt really work. They should just stick to the authentic flavours. Big fail.

  7. The cricket boys can cook meat.

    You will think the other 2 semi finalists should be And and Ruby and Mum and son.

    Promo have Andy in tears. Trying to get sympathy votes??

    • I’m more interested in seeing Pat accidentally drop a frying pan full of food.

      You know, if it was an instant restaurant, they would’ve just scooped it back up and put it on the plate.

  8. I just don’t like Romel at all… he’s so up himself he’s gone airborne.

    Could there be a possibility that the Peruvians don’t make the semi’s???? Surely they would… imagine having the Unchristians or Bianca making it to the semi’s… of a cooking competition!

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