1. So we get to spend another episode watching Ibby and Romel pretend to be friends? As long as they can all just shut the hell up about Victor and Piper.

  2. Austin: “[Piper] is the most shallow person I’ve ever met in my whole entire life. And I’ve met Romel.”

    Yeah, I giggled. Yeah, I shouldn’t have.

  3. As abrasive as they are, the brothers continue to vote fairly, happily handing Ibby and Romel (a team they’ve said repeatedly that they can’t stand) an 8, which is what most of the other teams gave them as well.

    • Yes but I really can’t get past them calling Piper Jezebel. I’m not a Piper fan but really? Jezebel?

      • They were home-schooled by, presumably, an American religious fundamentalist.

        I think that’s the best we can hope for.

        • All the more reason they should know that Jezebel’s supposed wickedness had nothing to do with sex. To me it was self righteous slut shaming that didn’t even make sense and personally I’d rather be perceived as a slut than a self righteous prick!

  4. Beef cheeks. Those are one of the reasons I stopped eating red meat. I know animals die so I can eat meat, but over-use of that part of a steer on cooking shows just got to me. Come here, let me eat your face – poor cow.

    Why don’t the guys know how to pick a decent lemon? Those huge lemons with really thick skin never have much juice. And a reamer does a much better job of extracting juice than a dumb plastic juicer.

  5. The outfits look nice tonight. I couldn’t care if Victor proposed to Piper! Stop with the drama on them! I wonder if Josh and Austin have changed at all since they’ve been out in reality world?

  6. When will those 2 finally come out of the closet??

    Ibey’s cousin was the only member of his family to greet him (she’s probably the only one he’s told about his homosexuality!)… and you could see Romel’s family restraining themselves from letting on.

    Now that MAFS is done I wonder if the tone of MKR will focus back on the cooking!

    • Ibby can cook. Romel just a kitchen hand. Whether we like it or not, Ibby can see how food is cook and presented in his restaurant every night. All their presentation is beautiful. Just like food being served in a restaurant.

      I hope they don’t win. Romel behaviour is worse than the Christian brothers.

      • Yeah. I don’t necessarily care for them, as contestants, but I’d happily visit any of Ibby’s restaurants or cafes if I was ever in Sydney. The food looked pretty amazing.

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