1. Oh dear, I’d tried so hard not to be juvenile and snigger when Ibby said he was going to start by roasting his nuts. I tried so hard – but then he followed up with my nuts are in the oven… and I lost it.

    • I’m glad someone else was laughing at that, because I heard Ibby talking about his nuts, and I nearly fell over.

      You’re not helping, channel 7.

  2. Geez, how much longer does this go on? I’d forgot about two of the teams, probably due to lack of interest, and thought tonight was the final. Checked the tv guide and was so disappointed.

    I care little about who wins, but hope it is not the Peruvians. I’m heartily sick of hearing Peru this and Peru that and Peru came up with every dish ever. Sorry, Peru, but these two contestants are not good ambassadors.

  3. Ok so I relented and kinda watched last night. Glad to see the brats made it so far. Cos they were hung out to dry.
    I’m kinda looking at tonight’s ep now and those Peruvian’s are driving me insane! The while 5 seconds I’ve seen.
    I can’t work out what’s happening yet, I’ve seen three teams Peru’s, Mid Easts and Italians. None of these people are endearing but I&R best food I think I’d like the most.

  4. Yes, Ibby and Romel can cook but I just think they have an unfair advantage.

    I still think Romel has done some cooking in his first cafe. That was his first cafe and when you first start out, you need to do most things yourself.

    Then he started the restaurant. He would have lots of knowledge by then about food.

  5. Don’t you just love the channel 7 promotional department?

    Judge #1: I like this syrup.
    Judge #2: I’m not so keen on it, myself.

  6. The judges scores were complete and utter tripe compared to their critique…

    7 straights for Frenemies seemed on the money compared to the critique… but for 8s and 9’s for Closet Boys??? Their entree was average for most judges and their dessert was polarising.. perfect main.. still to me should have been also around 7’s… if I were the frenemies I’d be doing a Victor.

    • The scores did not make sense based on the judges’ comments but the producers want the boys in the Grand Finale. Wouldn’t have mattered what those two served. They would have scored better than the frenemies.
      I will be very surprised if the Peruvians don’t make it to the Grand Finale. Even if they mess up and the cricketeers do better they will probably be scored higher.
      Pat looked angry although it seemed as if he tried to hide it. When he raised up his hand to wave goodbye I actually thought he was going to give them the “bird”.

  7. The critiques has been awful this whole season. The script writers need to be sacked. I never believe those were the judges honest critiques.

    This has been the worst season ever.

    You will think the Peruvians will surely win the 2nd semi finals. Only one the cricketers can cook but only meat. Unless they have improved by practicing while the quarter finals were being filmed.

    Just heard the ad about best semi final in 10 years. Everything was the best in 10 years – best scores, best cooked fish, best looking dish etc

    • I know.

      “This has been the best thing ever!” wears out it’s welcome if you’re saying it literally after every damn thing you encounter, Pete.

      • They are doing it again. Saw promo for tonight semi final. Already five 10’s………… Another best ever…….

  8. I’m pleased Ibby and Romel won. I dislike the meh woman, and, with all the tasting she did of her “perfect” cauli puree and polenta, I bet she double dipped more than once.

    It made all my sphincters tighten up to watch Ibby use a mandolin with no guard and no glove.

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