MKR Sun – mother and son cook

Expectations are high for Hall of Famers Lisa and John. As the history-making duo strive to recreate perfection in the kitchen, Victor lays it all out at the table, exposing his lover’s lies.
Urgh ..,
So instead of watching what will be excellent cooking, we get more drama.



    • Romel come across as soon malicious. So what. If you dare to critique than you shouldn’t be afraid that they know your critiques.

      You don’t need be lovers to tell the other teams about your critiques

    • I cannot see Ibby and Romel as anything other than lovers, I really can’t. Ibby must be so far in the closet that he’s in Narnia.

  1. I like this team.
    At the beginning the mum annoyed me, she was so keen to become sals fag hag, she didn’t even mention lyn. But she has grown on me

    • I liked them at the beginning, but lately they both annoy me. When the drama crap started, the mum began lecturing everyone on table manners. And the son has become so high-handed and pretentious with his food critiques that I usually blow a raspberry at him after he speaks. They are good cooks, but I don’t like them much.

      I don’t think well of any of the contestants really.

  2. I feel sorry for piper. I used to hate her , but in these situations…
    This is why it sucks to be a woman. They always come out of these situations reputations scarred while the men, who are usually the instigators slip away unscarred. Is this slut shaming. Who cares if a single woman gets into a mans bed. He was there too.

    • I think Victor came across as kind of an asshole, from start to finish, really.

      Although Piper really shouldn’t have lied about it — which she unequivocally did — but Victor must’ve realised the depth of her feelings, if she went out of her way to protect him.

      Hopefully they don’t bring it up again. If we’re lucky.

  3. Austin has washed his hair tonight. Looks clean and fluffy, like the potatoes inside and he croquettes

  4. Hoping that the Piper and Victor drama is finally over and done with . Romel did not need to bring any of it up again but the producers probably told him to do it. However both he and Ibby are definitely snakes and they probably would have brought it up even without the producers’ encouragement.
    Nothing was wrong with the size of the syllabub, IMO. It looked yummy!

    • If the other dessert had been a bit bigger it would not have looked so huge. I was surprised they put cream all over the syllabub / would have turned off some people

      • I watched my first fifteen minutes of MKR for the past 4 years, in time to watch the desserts. I also thought the syllabub was the perfect size. They weren’t allowing for the density of the food – syllabub is light for the volume and so that size would be equivalent of the denser tarte tartin (especially with butterscotch sauce which would be rich). Seemed like a beat-up to find something wrong with it.

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