1. “Are we there yet?”

    We are still *months* away from the end of this season. I can’t even, with this show, tonight. It’s “Bachelor in Paradise” night tonight, right? We all survived MAFS, so it’ll be nice to watch a dating show with some people who are at least slightly sane and, oh wait, Richie and Alex are there. Never mind.

    • What if they make Richie have another bath in a tub of poo with someone else, while Alex glowers in the distance?

    • LP they are definitely the best 4 teams of cooks but this is MKR so really the better the team the less likely they are to win.

    • While the cricketers seem like decent human beings, I feel like their high scores (particularly in the ultimate restaurant round) were more about luck than anything else. I agree with your other three calls, but I don’t think the cricketers are that high on the list.

  2. I’m really struggling to deal with Veronica’s mangling the pronounciation of very basic food terminology.

  3. I’d be happy for both Piper and Veronica and the unchristian brothers to go so I don’t really care. What bothers me about Josh and Austen is the pleasure they take in other people’s failures, it seems like it’s a zero sum game for them. Not just happy for themselves to succeed, others have to fail to make them happy. Let’s face it, if they were any better cooks than Piper and Veronica they wouldn’t be fighting out for bottom spot.

    • Except that Josh and Austin have shown some self-awareness of theeir earlier crappy standard of cooking and they’ve made an effort to improve. BQs have blithely sailed through believing they are “perfect”.

  4. You will know the producers will decide who they want in the finals. To continue with dragging the ‘shameful’ liaison between Piper and Victor or to continue for us to hear the rubbish that come out of Josh’s mouth.

    Both teams can’t cook. Whoever win will win by 1 point

  5. And there goes Josh and Austen’s moral high ground. How dare they self righteously prattle on about the evils of strategic scoring and when their necks are on the line they they do it themselves. Their immaturity is boundless.

    • Not that I want to defend them too much, but I think, if they really wanted to strategically score, nothing was stopping them from giving a flat 1. Even if they’d matched everybody else (which they have in the past) and gone with a 4 (or even a 5), it wouldn’t have mattered, the BQs still would’ve ended up beneath them. I think it was more about a correct guess … they guessed that Victor and G would *love* the food and score higher than it deserved, which they seemed to, and they minused a few points just to negate that advantage (which brought both teams in line with the average of 4 or so).

      I didn’t have a problem with them doing that. And either way, we lose nothing of value, either the brothers or the beauties go home soon, none of them are great cooks.

      • I agree. Judges scores averaged out as a 4. Vic & G voted 6, slightly above. Josh and Austin voted 2, slightly below. The two cancelled each other out.

        Are we really expected to believe the Peruvians could be in danger???

      • See it’s the fact that it wasn’t even necessary that bothers me more. To me even though they were negating Victor and G’s over scoring it was still strategy. I’d be okay with it if they hadn’t been so self righteous. I’m certainly okay with the BQ’s going because they certainly couldn’t cook and did seem deluded in their ability.

  6. I missed the first bits. Why are they so far behind in prep? Why did they not see that big container of mushrooms sitting in front of their faces and suddenly realise they have no mushroom sauce?

    This ep is How To Fuck Up A Meal 101. I would be embarrassed for these two if I cared about them even a little bit.

    • I don’t know what area the house was where they were cooking but they said they had to drive right into the centre of Sydney to shop, and the traffic was bad.

      • They were at Leichhardt coles and they also seemed to end up in drummoyne. Veronica lives in darling point, but not sure about piper

  7. The BQs and the unchristian brothers can’t cook and, if the Peruvians are eliminated and the BQs continue on then something is obviously rotten when it comes to MKR (and I don’t mean just the food).
    They didn’t have a clue how to make a Fraisier cake and also didn’t know how to pronounce the name correctly, salsa roja looked terrible, failed at making Bernaise, etc. They are delusional when it comes to cooking because they keep thinking that most of their dishes are “perfect”.
    The brothers and the BQs should never have wound up in the top 8, let alone the top 10. They should have been eliminated a long time ago.

  8. One thing I couldn’t help notice was the absence of the “greet the family” scene at the beginning of the episode – or did I miss it?

    • No greet by family. Same with Victor and G. I think it is by request not to air them as they are getting a very bad edit. Shouldn’t involve the families.

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