MKR Tues – past contestants return

Teams face their toughest critics yet: the people who have walked in their shoes. Contestants from over 10 years of the series return with big expectations. Which team will earn a place in the semis?

Ok, how many of these people do you actually remember?
No MKR tomorrow – returns Easter Sun.



  1. Lat night, while Ibby and Romel swanned around with the D list, I couldn’t help channelling Romy and Michelle at their high school reunion …

  2. So far the chicken satay doesnt look good to me. Again Victor and G are doing it differently. I hope I am wrong

    • I wondered why they were putting curry powder in the chicken marinade. Is it a chicken satay or a chicken curry? Throw in some sesame oil and mirin just to really confuse the issue.

  3. Gee Victor is rude. He can just warm up the satay, he doesn’t need to chuck it in the bin. I still think there is not enough flavourin the chicken

  4. John takes time out from cooking his dessert, to head out and get some quality flirting done with the waitresses.

    Meanwhile, not enough Jordan, damn it.

  5. Who woulda thunk it?
    In the beginning I thought the grand finals would be between any of Ibby/Rommel, John/Lisa or Andy/Ruby – and now one of those won’t even make the semis. Admittedly John and Lisa have never been able to live up to the standard of their first instant restaurant. Andy and Ruby though have been strong contenders until the last few episodes – what a time to drop the ball.

    Did you notice the sour looks on the faces of Ibby/Rommel (who are so dating) and the cricketers as the clapped Pat and Bianca? Never team seemed over joyed to have them win.

  6. Oh my, there is a lot of botox being used in the past contestants. I’m having a good, bitchy time laughing at them. That Ash can hardly crack a smile with her stiffened face. Is one of the couples the guy who did Jack Nicholson impressions and his wife? Didn’t they score very, very low on their food? I didn’t dislike them, but I wouldn’t care what they thought of my food because they were not talented at all.

    • Was that the captain and his blonde trophy wife? I spotted them too. I was like, really, channel 7? Did someone else cancel?

  7. This episode is just weird. The Peruvians yell out “lamb ready” for their food. What happened to “service please” or even “order up”? The big baby serving undercooked chicken needs a kick up the butt for spitting his dummy when called on it.

    Why are Pete and Manu leaning into each other, putting arms around each other shoulders, and acting as though they’ve just discovered they’re in love? It’s fine if they are, but what the hell guys?

    Did someone release a lot of ganja fumes into this service?

  8. Is Victor’s hero Gordon Ramsay or was he trying to emulate him by throwing the chicken skewers? So juvenile but then Victor is known for his ridiculous childish temper tantrums.

    • I feel like, if you want to keep a secret, fine. But actually attempt to keep it a secret, then. If you’re going to make it achingly obvious, then expect the audience to take notice, you know?

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