MKR Tues – Pat and Bianca cook

Blurb says: Pat and Bianca hope their menu can bring a fractured table together. But where there’s smoke there’s fire, and the truth-seekers won’t stop until they strike gold.
Hurry up, MasterChef – please start so we can watch actual cooking!



  1. In all of her interview segments to the camera alongside Pat, Bianca looks like she’s deeply miserable.

    Meanwhile, Victor throws another tantrum and walks out of another dinner party. I’m sorry, but there should be a rule. If you decide to quit and walk out, more than once? Then goodbye, we don’t want to waste any more of our time on you.

  2. I am not a fan of Piper. She signed up to a cooking show not a dating show.
    This whole week the promo is all about the sex scandal, nothing about the cooking. Ch 7 has really gone too far.

    I hope Piper has good support around her to see through this.

    From all these drama, you can guessed Veronica and Piper can’t win. I also can’t see Ivy and Romel winning as Romel come across as a stirrer. Just love flaming the fire.

    • I haven’t watched in a while but the blurb for Sunday is such a turn off: Expectations are high for Hall of Famers Lisa and John. As the history-making duo strive to recreate perfection in the kitchen, Victor lays it all out at the table, exposing his lover’s lies.

      • Yes. Victor lays it all out at the table, exposing his lover’s lies. Its in the Sun episode but the voice over guy is trying to imply it will happen tomorrow night. Such a liar

    • In an interview it was said Piper is currently not well. I’d say that probably means she isn’t coping well with the fallout. I’m not sure anyone could cope. Her marriage fell apart just before filming started – then she unwisely embarks on a relationship on a reality TV show.

  3. Why do the cameras always cut to Andy nodding wisely following a judges critique? Do the judges need validation?

    • I imagine Pete is desperately terrified of anybody disagreeing with him, if his behaviour on Facebook is any indication.

  4. I’m gonna say it. Does anyone else just not really give two craps about Piper and Victor having sex? Oh my gosh, channel 7 are spruiking this like it’s the most important thing in the world, and I couldn’t any less about it if I tried.

    • No, I don’t care if all of them are jumping each other in turn in the kitchen after the filming stops.

      A friend rang last night to talk about her divorce and I missed all the “drama”, but still managed to sleep well.

      It is a cooking show, isn’t it? Isn’t it?

    • Ch 7 are managing to make the Clive Palmer commercials interesting. As usual. I salute all who are watching this. I gave it the best years of my life.

    • I wish that could be unseen… some things aren’t meant for human eyes!

      And I call BS on them not being lovers….

      • I agree. It looked to me as if they were having a lover’s quarrel. I did warn you that there was nudity. 😉

    • Ibby has a spectacular body. Like, wow, that’s incredible.

      And Romel’s got a peachy butt.

      I’ve seen worse. But I’m calling ‘foul’ on them *not* being a couple, though. I mean, really.

      • I’ll say Ibby’s family would probably disown him for being a homosexual or perhaps kill him.. so he keeps it in the closet… he’s out now.

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