1. Glad to see the back of Veronica and Piper. But who would you like to have seen gone by now and who would you replace them with? For me Josh and Austin have outlived their usefulness, with maybe Lynn and Sal in their place.

  2. The BQs will not be missed although maybe Victor will miss Piper. 😉 That friendship bracelet and the friends forever comment were both so juvenile. How old is Piper? She acts like a giddy pre-teen.
    Next to be eliminated (I hope) Josh and Austin.
    Does anyone know the scores that each team gave to the Peruvians?
    How many days will the finals last? This season seems to be VERY long.

    • I would think there will be 7 more episodes.

      According to the TV gulde, next week only 3 episodes. I don’t think there will be any episodes during the long Good Friday weekend.

      My guess finale will be on 28 Apr

    • I found Piper pretty unbearable but I do feel a little sorry for her with the whole Victor thing playing out in public. She’s just separated from her husband and probably made decisions she wouldn’t have at a different time.

    • “Does anyone know the scores that each team gave to the Peruvians?” I checked on the Wikipedia MKR site for seasons 8,9 and 10, and apparently the scores for this final restaurant cook have not been revealed for any of those seasons which I think is very wrong.

  3. I’d like to know if the scoring will be given by anyone apart from the teams this season, as I’m wondering how this is fair with so much money on the line!!!!!

    • The scoring is pretty odd anyway. Both of the mains last night had raw or under-cooked prawns, yet Manu and Pete gave those dishes a 6 and a 7. I can sort of understand giving a pass to very rare meat, but raw prawns? Gag.

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