Survivor E of E – April 25

Who do you think looks solid for for final three?
The rumour mill is in overdrive that season 40 will be some kind of all winners season, despite Jeff’s loud denials.
I’m thinking they won’t get enough decent/willing winners back for that so perhaps it will be some form of winners and runners up season.
Would you like to see winners play again? Amber and Boston Rob would have to flip a coin to see who stays home with the four daughters.



  1. I can’t raise any energy to comment on the last two episodes. I’d sort of like an exile to win. But really, I just don’t care.

    • agree, i’ve been watching but about half way through the episodes realise i’ve tuned out. Earlier in the year i watched some old episodes on channel 10’s over priced streaming service. I realised i really miss the actual survival aspect of the show. Although i am sick of seeing them in their grotty underwear, please just give them their bathers!

      • I like the plotting and scheming as well as the survival stuff, but these people couldn’t escape from a paper bag if it was held open for them. To make it worse Ron is about to declare himself a genius again.

        Same experience. I keep finding I’ve tuned out. No season has ever been like this for me before.

      • Yeah, we want bathers. The whole desperate castaways dumped on the beach in only their underwear thing is so Survivor: Borneo.

  2. I am pleased with the eviction of warthog. Given he is deeply terrible at challenges you’d have to be tipping that he won’t come back in!
    I think Lauren is looking good. But really- any of them could.
    Surely Rick will be sent to extinction if he misses immunity? Could he come straight back in?
    Who other than me laughed hysterically about Reem greeting Wentworth? Those three days that she was actually in the game seem to have made a HUGE impact on her Psyche!

  3. I can see Survivor inviting Reem back for some kind of second chances season – and she’d be voted out first again

  4. I’d actually like a season of first time voted out. Some weren’t even given a chance. A couple of seasons back they voted out an ‘older mum’ that was actually an Olympic champion & probably would shamed them in a swimming challenge.

  5. Oh for those interested the Amazing Race is back. The first episode was last Monday on 7flix at 7.30. Apparently it was filmed 2 years ago but is only being shown now. We are a week behind the US.

    • I think it was only filmed June last year.
      Its all teams of ppl from either Amazing Race, Big Brother or Survivor.
      I’m a bigger Amazing Race fan than Survivor so have been getting the episodes off the back of the internet, am enjoying it so far.

      • Yes they spent 2 hours in a park looking for a Hudson immunity idol rather than a clue box! I’m absolutely no Rupert fan so will be pleased if they don’t go far.
        Eliza and Corinne from Survivor are a team as well and have T-shirt’s which say Survive. Race. Eat Paper. I still haven’t worked out what they are supposed to mean!

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