• BS, I am on train now, heading home and just checked to see if it downloaded to our home device. It did – yay! My highlight, also. Now I just have to convince Mr Juz to hurry home. He only converted to Survivor recently, so I never used to have to wait.

  1. So the Eric+Ron dynasty lasted a whole 3 days. You knew it was coming because Ron announced he was a genius and a puppet master. Like everyone else who’s ever said that, Ron lost control of the game at the very next tribal.

    Is it just me or did the camera have a lot of fun showing Ron and SkirmishMutt with the exact same expressions when SkirmishMutt shared the brilliance of his strategy with Devons and when Ron counted numbers after KamaStrong strongly knifed him in the back?

    Now let’s see how long the Gavin+Julie+Victoria dynasty lasts.

    • I was disappointed Devins reacted so strongly – at least to Wardog’s face. Even if you disagree, why limit your options with outright rejection. David and Wentworth got lucky that Aubry found the Extie Isle clue and sent Aurora the advantage.

      • Yeah, you can understand why but it didn’t help his game at all and he ended up on the outside with Eric and Whatisname the Genius Puppetmaster.

          • The lesson in all this is when you have a majority of 1 don’t send 1 of your own votes ro Reem Island. Eric and Ron’s management of their alliance was almost as bad as Wentworth’s management of hers. Gee whiz, Aurora is peeved because you voted off her ally? Devons is peeved because of repeated attempts to vote him off. I mean, seriously, whodathunk it?

            If Eric and Ron had voted off a Lesu last week they would still have their majority and Joe’s and Aurora’s votes as well.

          • I’ve got to say, hats off to editors this week for all the hubris shots of Eric and Ron thinking they had the game sewn up.

            Ron’s face at tribal was wonderful – I have saved the recording to go back and savour his downfall.

            Getting off Eric is probably good strategy now as there will be intense competition between Chris, Joe, Eric (and even Aubry) to get back from Extie, so his chances are looking more remote. Ron doesn’t seem such a challenge threat so no real harm in keeping him.
            Gavin is playing a solid game. I think he is looking strong and I really suspect he is carefully judging his challenge performances and dropping at a calculated time, rather than because he has failed. His last two challenges I think were thrown – any one else on this conspiracy theory?
            Wardog continues to be a goat, and no one seems to consider him as a threat. Me included. I think even if he goes to the end he has alienated/patronised way too many people so they won’t vote for him.

          • I think I am going to revive my earlier idea that getting rid of Eric was good. What’s everyone thinking about the timing? Have Gavin Julie got their timing right. Have they gone too soon?
            David’s speech at tribal was interesting and now I am considering that losing votes too soon is dumb.

            Far out. This is why I couldn’t be a contestant (other than the fact that I am unfit and not good with annoying people). I can’t get the level of strategy right! And I would want to call him SkirmishMutt every time he tanks at a challenge.

          • The time to sink the knife in Survivor is always now. If they’d waited the horse could die, or the king could die, or SkirmishMutt could have doubled his brainpower by stealing the single brain cell of Whatsisname the Genius Puppetmaster.

          • I am now not so sure but I have been mentioning Gavin and possible challenge-throwing for a few weeks now. If he is, it is very convincing. Skirmishmutt (great name!) is worse than useless in every aspect of challenges, yet claims to have been in the military, which makes me suspicious, too.

            I am glad that the tribe turned this week, but still don’t quite understand why to choose Eric instead of Ron. Much as I hate to say it, it looks like Skirmishmutt was the initiator, when he planted the idea in the three “young’uns” minds, and Julia (at least) picked it up. No wonder he looked so smug – with a few words in the right ears he had deflected the targets from the minority group.

      • I was too, even though it was SUPER entertaining to watch Wardog’s inability to comprehend.
        His strategy was not dumb actually (hate praising even faintly Wardog) but his delivery was woeful. Who on earth would react well to “don’t be so emotional” and “actually I know best what’s good for you “? I can see why Devins was totally pissed off.

        • A broken clock is right twice a day. SkirmishMutt’s strategy just happened to eb what Gavin and Julia were doing anyway.

  2. Why does Jeff persist in calling Rick “Devins”? I understand Kelley’s nickname because there were two in her original season, but there is no reason to continue it. The general practice gets my goat, but is it an American thing?

  3. We are seeing a slightly more aggressive Aubry on Extie. I don’t mind it, although previously her appeal has been her gentle, calm ways. I admire her persistance and determination.

    I can’t see anyone returning from Extie being the ultimate winner. The sense of unfairness felt by the others for people being given a second chance is huge, and it would take an amazing recital of a brilliant resume to overcome that.

    Lots more Aurora in this ep, which made me think she was going, but there were a few things she said that rubbed the wrong way. I wonder why she only allied with Joe and Aubry in her tribe? Is she less likable than they are showing?

    Certainly some of the background characters are emerging as possible finalists. Victoria showed her hand a couple of weeks ago (to us), but Julia and Gavin are coming out, and I think David is playing very cleverly. I feel that he and Rick will patch up the disagreement now that it is irrelevant, as long as Rick calms down.

  4. Aww – Joe and Sierra are engaged. Anyone looking for love needs to forget MAFS and Bachie and try Survivor

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