Survivor Edge of Extinction

Will Wentworth and David continue in a position of power? Can Devins suck it up enough to work with Wardog? I don’t want the Devins/David bromance to break up.
Will Eric best Joe in the next Extie Isle challenge? Will Lauren get to eat? So many questions!



    • Wow. A tribal that didn’t make me doze off. Not the best tribal ever, but certainly the funniest.

      The next time Aurora finds herself in a majority position in a tribal she should shut up. Gavin is not a secret master and he is as bad at holding allies together as Ron was. I have no idea who will actually win, but i’ll be astounded if it’s a member of KamaStrange. David + Devons are starting to look good.

        • I was seeing Aurora as a possible winner until this tribal. The jury were almost finding it funnier than I was. KamaStrange make SkirmishMutt look like a master strategist.

    • I have to go back and re-watch it. We had a Swans home game last night (no. Please don’t mention it) and were very late home and yet still I had to watch Survivor. But I think the tribal was incredible and I need to carefully watch and see if I can work out what went on. Because I did not see JULIA going – I didn’t hear her name at all at the start. WOW. Talk about making yourself a target.
      I do think wentworth has nerves of steel.

      • Thanks for representing us at the game, brussell. It is min. two hours each way to the SCG, so a Thursday night doesn’t really work. Glued to the lounge, though. Just keep reminding yourself of the loyal Carlton fans – if they can do it for years on end, we can keep the faith for a few games.

        I also did not pick Julia at all, I thought Aurora was the goner.

  1. Well, that was fun!
    I thought Aurora was gone at first but Julia was certainly the stronger player, well played….
    I too am liking the devens/david bromance, hopefully they dont crumble too soon…

  2. KamaStrange once had 3 more votes than the Lesu 3 plus David + Devons. After 3 tribals they have sent 3 KamaStrange members to Reem Island and blindsided themselves down to even with the combined votes of the other 2 alliances. They are starting to look like the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    • That is a perfect observation. I was trying to think of an instance when a tribe in a position of power (thank you Joe for that by the way, as he was the one who won you all the challenges) managed to throw their advantages away so quickly. Couldn’t.
      Maybe the players are exhausted and hungry, but they are so not strategic masterminds at the moment.

      • Julia sent herself to Reem island by insulting Devons. Note to Julia, if you find yourself in the middle of an every which way tribal chaos, don’t call another player a passenger. That’s specially true when you have no idea what is happening and that player has just single-handedly blown up your plan and your alliance. I thought it would be Aurora after her lalala speech and then Julia said: ‘You’re such a passenger’.

        A majority of this cast are really bad players. What they are good at it is making you dislike them. I’m starting to look forward to seeing Reem on screen because it means I’m not watching the KamaStrange nutters.

        • I think as Kama where so strong early in the game and never went to tribal they missed learning the basics and now it’s coming back to haunt them as they have no idea how to scramble or rally their troops – total inexperience.

          • Totally agree Ebony. They have never tested their alliances and now have no idea who to trust.

          • It’s not that Kama were strong, it’s that they had Joe. The first step in Kama’s brilliant plan for The decline and fall of the Kaman Empire was getting rid of him.

  3. When they started going to tribal council I thought that was fast, then checked the clock & it was only 8.10. I thought wow they are going to tribal so early, something must be up. That was crazy, I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on. Jeff just sat back & enjoyed the show. Aubreys facial expressions were hilarious.

  4. What was that???? They threw all strategy out the window. Julia wasn’t even on the radar. They should have stayed with the biggest threats. It will be fun to see how they reshuffle next week.

    • My concern is I have now absolutely NO IDEA who is going home next. It is soo confusing. Apparently it’s a double eviction too, so that makes it even more problematical.

      • Don’t worry. KamaStrange will find ever more effective and innovative ways to vote off their own members. It’s a good thing US Survivor bans voting for yourself. (Some Survivor shows don’t) The last KamaStranger would vote themself off.

        • The last KamaStranger will give a confessional explaining their total control of the game, immediately before being voted out.

          • Yeah I wouldn’t give Gavin 5 min in the game. I think Victoria might survive as she is very willing to go where the numbers are!! I reckon Aurora is thoroughly on the nose so she probably won’t survive either.
            Much as I find Ron annoying and patronising there doesn’t seem much reason to vote him out now. Which probably means he is the first to go as I am about as good at predicting survivor boots as I am at footy tipping!!

  5. Ever since these chaos TCs started I have believed that they shouldn’t be allowed.

    But when you get a mess like that, there is no way that the producers are going to take that out – it is such car crash tv and you can’t look away. The best part of this one was the Reem Island Crew’s reactions. They were so flabbergasted that Aubry kept forgetting to keep her knees together!

    I might have to watch again, but I didn’t think it was Rick who started it? It seems there was a lot of black looks happening between the front line of girls, especially as Julie melted down and gave away some secrets. Maybe Rick just saw an opportunity and jumped on it?

    • I just loved the TC so I don’t mind the chaos. Even though I had no clue what was going on!

      I believe Rick was definitely an instigator of the madness though – when he had the lightbulb moment that he could get the numbers if the kama people were completely imploding. Julie was panicking, Julia failed completely to reassure her and in fact sealed her own destruction. For me, Rick gets the full credit of taking the dysfunction and using it to his own ends!

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