What will you be watching?

Welcome to one of the most chaotic weeks in Australian reality TV land.
MKR is finishing, Bachelor in Paradise is heading down the final straight, and MasterChef and House Rules are just starting. It now seems an age since MAFS finished. Oh and I nearly forgot – Lego Masters starts on Nine tonight.

And Talkin’ About Your Generation returns on Wednesday at 7.30pm.
At least we get a breather before The Block begins.
What have you been watching – and what will you be turning in for?



  1. I’ve been watching Bachidise which i think finishes this week. Was watching DWTS, but was devestated when Jimmy had to pull out (for his family and for my enjoyment of the show) didn’t really care who won after that.
    Will be watching LegoMasters (apparently only goes for 3 weeks which i think will be long enough), and prob record House Rules as it can drag on a bit at the start (might only tune in for room reveals. A bit over MasterChef. Add in some Amazing Race, Survivor (although we must be up to the last couple of weeks for that too) and Project Runway and that about completes the week!

    • Same on DWTS, Erin. I will watch again if they bring back Jimmy G next year.

      I came across a good David Walliam’s movie; The Midnight Gang. I saw the start and I’m in.

  2. I’ll watch a little of the Lego show. Then will have MKR on, but don’t think I’ll really watch much of it. The finals run to a pattern: one team will have problems with the entree, the other team will have problems with the main, then “it all comes down to the desserts”. It’s too predictable, except for who the winners will be.

  3. I don’t have to think about this much because I have them scheduled tonight:
    Ask The Doctor, Lego Masters and then Poirot.
    I know there’s an overlap but I am already assuming the LEGO Masters will be one of those shows that you move in and out of.

  4. Im looking forward to getting back to 7Two and all the Brit shows – love Pie in the Sky – oldie but goodie. Wont be watching any of the new shows
    Grumpy Old Woman that’s me

    • It’ll be House Rules for me tonight and an “encore” of Ma$terchef tomorrow. There are low lifes on House Rules doing (abandoning) it for their kids , too.

      Bachidise tomorrow night.

      Do the contestants on Lego Masters shit bricks, too?

  5. Okay…

    One contestant has manifested their Nonna.

    One contestants named after a vegetable has 15k followers on Instagram. And he is not a teen-aged girl.

    • Interesting thing about Kale, is his partner is from my local LUG (Lego User Group), while Kale’s from Melbourne, so I guess they combined into a ‘team’ for the sake of the show. Nobody seems fond of Kale, and most people are expressing sympathy to Billsy for what he’s going to have to put up with.

  6. I’m recording the Lego show to watch later, I’d much rather watch the first ep of House Rules (with a team from my home town) and catch the end of MKR while I catch up on my chores (I was out all day).

  7. Actually i am thrilled that, rather than doing it for Nonna, Nonna is actually on the show.
    I consider it a Great Leap Forward (GLP) and there should be more of it.
    I can watch three weeks of this but that would be my limit. No matter how hard Hamish tries, parts of this is like watching paint dry.

  8. We watched Lego Masters (recording the encores of everything else) and really liked it. Hamish is great, and the “anti-reality” format is funny. The only discordant note was the showpony fellow who seems to have dragged a minion onto the show because he has to have a partner, and then the judge telling them off for not working as a team. It feels a bit fake.

    I liked that it was easy to distinguish the teams, as there is a variety plus you can link them to their creation eg the two Tree makers, or the Church guys.

  9. I finally made time to watch the first episode of the Lego show, last night.

    I was really impressed by it, I found it compelling. I was hesitant to watch because, while I find Lego thrilling and exciting? I wouldn’t expect someone else to sit there and watch me do it, so I was thinking it wouldn’t make for great TV. But Hamish didn’t do a terrible job, and the personalities and stories of the contestants really showed through.

    So I liked it. I’ll definitely be watching the rest.

  10. I forgot the Lego show. Should give it a go – might be a family viewing show – everyone seems to like it.

    • Yeah, it’s quite extraordinary to watch a reality TV competition where there’s very little swearing, nobody’s sleeping with anybody, and nobody’s making bitchy, catty remarks about the other teams.

      Like I said upthread, I was hesitant to watch it, because I didn’t see how exciting it would be … but it’s actually quite compelling. It’s edited well, and Hamish is rogue-ishly charming, in the right way.

      Plus, Miller, one of the college guys? He’s a real cutie. And he likes Lego, so there’s that.

  11. LEGO Masters suddenly got real.
    The judge is crying, I’m crying. The eliminated pair are hanging in there.
    That’s a first.

    • The young loved-up Lego couple? You can tell that they’re newlyweds, because every single thing they build or express or create is about themselves. And it’s nice, and all, but I can’t be the only one thinking, by now, “just branch out a little, geez”.

      Loved the Red Baron model, and the nerdy boys’ dragon/castle piece was spectacular.

      • It just shows that (like all the competition shows) you need to know everything about your tools. Compare how magical the planes were – they really looked like they were chasing across the sky – to the rotating clown fish. Knowing how to use the “tech” part of Lego seems to me to be a basic skill.

        And how lovely that G tried to give the girls a lesson using the tech to help them.

        • I generally don’t use technic (it requires an entirely-different approach to the source material), so I understood the girls’ frustration.

  12. Tonight I watched GOT, then BIP then fastforwarded MC. Tried to watch GOT during the day but couldn’t make out what was happening in the night battle seems due to sun glare in my lounge room!

  13. I was curious about the ratings for LM – highest debut this year, and over 1m for all three episodes. MC premiere was about 750k, MKR Finale was less than that, and HR is trailing behind.

    Of course, with everything running simultaneously (and the GoT enthusiasts off the grid altogether) the time shifting (recording or watching later) should be significantly high.

    • How they measure watching habits has always been a mystery to me.
      Back in the day, I once participated in a poll but it was paper based, and didn’t take into account the fact that I am a channel hopper and I recorded shows.
      So I lied.
      I am imagining that LM is attractive because it has a 3 week life span.
      I just can’t commit to these 4 month long, every night of the week, repeated 2 and 3 times a day, reality shows anymore – especially if they run parallel to each other.
      I reach saturation point very quickly these days, and the same format every season doesn’t help. They all blend. Sleep now 💤.

      • And LM is very different to the other shows. While there’s a little bit of adult language, it’s very much a family-orientated game.

        I couldn’t imagine letting a six-year-old sit through MAFS or any “Bachie” entry.

        The ratings were interesting. I mean, that’s pretty amazing. The MKR finale didn’t even crack a million, so people were as interested in the ending as they were in the rest of the show (which wasn’t much).

        • Sadly, my almost 12 year old has watched mafs and Bachie, and the message she got from mafs was Cyrell is fantastic. It echoes what you read on sm. So the shows are failing to use abusive or possessive behaviour to teach young people about red flags.

        • That’s kind of a worry, isn’t it? I have a similar issue with a 15 year old boy.
          And, if I talk about it, I sound preachy and not with it. I can feel him rolling his eyes behind my back.
          I don’t know.

          • It is a problem. The thing about lectures and sermons is people generally don’t like them. If someone wants a lecture, they’ll actively sign up for a Uni course. If someone wants a sermon, they’ll make the decision to go to church (and hopefully avoid the Catholic priests. Eek). But watching TV, or scrolling through an internet, and suddenly a stranger is giving you a lecture on how you’re a monster? All it does is turn people off, and make them less receptive to any message you’re trying to impart.

            And people can argue, ‘some anvils need to be dropped’, and okay, there are some messages that do need to be taught, but you’re gonna find that people don’t thank you for dropping an anvil on them, they’ll just get upset.

            I feel like, with Bachelor at least, they kept Ivan on the island and just filmed everything so his behaviour would be exposed and he’d torpedo his own reputation.

          • Bobi, Windsong. I am lucky. These kids still listen to their old Granny. I told them, “If you haven’t met 14 year old Renee at school, she’s a fat, 55 year old man with a bald head and a beard”. In fact I am a 55 year old, bald man with a beard. 😂

            Although Miss 12 didn’t believe me that Cyrell was a horrible person. Maybe I should role play Cyrell. 😨

        • Although I am not supposed to mkae it too public, i happen to be very much in the know of how TV ratings works. Basically a number of households have devices attached to their TVs which record what they watch. Apparently the equipment has sensors in it to pick up the sounds coming from the TV so thats how they tell what you are watching. If you are watching something “off the back of the internet” such as GoT, it just registers as unrecognisable content. I was surprised to learn only about 10000 households are recorded. They also have software on your computer to see if you are watching stuff on that. Nothing for mobiles or tablets as yet.
          You just have to be sure your viewing habits dont change and you get vouchers for participating. i’d be watching tv anyways so no biggie for me 🙂

          • See, sometimes I just leave the tv on to keep the dog company or deter robbers. These devices can’t tell if you’re asleep, stoned out of your head and not really watching. I always have mute on. Rolling Stones etc over the invariably bad grammar.

            I’m surprised to hear that 10000 houses are recorded because the media will say that 2 mill odd people watched MAFS.

            Thanks Erin.It’s Bold and Beautiful time.

          • I’m with you, BDD.
            My tv is on for the dog(s). He actually watches. His favourite shows are Supervet, and that long slow trip down the river. My tv is on so much I’m surprised it hasn’t burned out.

  14. And red….
    The colours they requested. My butterflies look like aeroplanes. I have been watching too many Aircrash Investigations. 😂

  15. Does anyone ever randomly watch Medium? Her husband never gets any sleep. She is always waking him up to tell him someone is getting murdered in her dreams. 😂😂😂😂

    • I watch sometimes, Daisy. I’ve noticed that, but often he goes for a little loving once he’s awake so I don’t think he minds too much.

  16. I keep watching Trust Me I’m a Doctor and making mental notes for improving my health ….then forgetting them.
    Last week I sat in the spa for about an hour on his advice. I think I did lose some subcutaneous fat. 😁 But gained a boyfriend whose name I have also already forgotten. I need a cure for memory. 😁😁

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