MasterChef Thurs – fave ingredient challenge

Before each cook sits their favourite and least favourite ingredients to cook with, round one: cook with either. But those who produce the bottom four dishes face round two with their remaining ingredient.

If I was going on a cooking comp and they asked me, what’s your least favourite ingredient to cook with I would totally lie and say something versatile like lemon. Or pork belly, because the judges love it.



  1. Seems unfair that blonde ponytail did not get to hear what the challenge was before having to decide whether to play her immunity pin (she did). Prince Harry got to see inside the black box before making his call, right?

    • Like the real Prince Harry, he is a protected species.

      It was a meh episode. Screaming from the peanut gallery, praising the blonde for using the pin (that makes no sense), I am doing it for the kids (because I don’t have an an exotic background), urgh…

      Yossra is eliminated.

    • I’m seeing quite a few inconsistencies with what has happened in previous seasons.

      To be honest, though, both Tim and Tessa could be eliminated right now and I would miss neither of them.

  2. Masterclass is all about winning Masterchef….
    Ummm…know how to make pork crackling, pannacotta, ice cream, sorbet and pasta…oh and according the George how to write in a notebook…

  3. I wait all season for the Masterclasses. How boring was tonight’s? Gary, who’s the best at that, was absent. George makes a point of telling the contestants they should always takes notes, whereby they all sit there dutifully scribbling his immortal words, instead of using their eyes and ears.

    And Billie, my favourite contestant of all time, was unfortunately so boring in a Masterclass lesson that I almost fell asleep watching her bit, which was something about carrots..

    I’m completely over all the focus on Tessa; I hope she is eliminated next. Tim can go as well.

    I used to really enjoy watching MasterChef. I’m still watching, but am disappointed every time at what a pale imitation of itself it has become. Maybe parody is a better word.

    • I enjoyed Poh’s demonstration but the rest were not interesting.
      FFd through George, Billie and Matt. Watched Ascot Matt but not one of his better presentations. Didn’t think much of his tips.

    • Agree, pretty sure Billie rehashed something she served up during her Ma$terchef season. She’s not a great presenter either.

  4. Didn’t Anushka make a honey cake already?
    Blondie shouldn’t have used the pin. She most likely would have been safe.
    Was good not to see much of Howdy and also not to hear him offer his words of “wisdom”.

    • Let see how many layered cakes Anouska will be making. First one is good but now it is getting repetitive.

      • I think as a single issue candidate she can’t be around long.

        She is fulfilling the Older Woman Doing it for Herself After Selfless Devotion to Others demographic and as a bonus nicely Venn diagrams into the Unappreciated Ethnic Foodgroup. Either way, she can’t last long as the Cute Blonde Young Girl group always knocks these others out of the park early.

  5. I tell you who is rapidly gaining on Howdy to become my Least Favourite Contestant – Jess.
    Her gallery comments were loathsome toadiness pushed to the extremes of cliche. Multiple “push” and “taste the dish” type palaver. I deeply disliked shameless parroting of judge’s favourite lines and concepts and the massive smugness that she wasn’t cooking, owing to a chance team allocation. NOT A FAN.
    Not sure why I am hating on her so much, but it’s real, to me, my TTV friends. Allow me this irrational level of dislike!

    (Interestingly I had to google to find the name of the Annoyingly Cliched One – and I saw heaps of contestants who I haven’t yet clocked in an episode yet. I guess their time will come, lol)

  6. Juz – my first thought was also ‘but you’d lie, right?’. it’s reality 101 that if you say you have a fear of enclosed spaces you pretty much instantly find yourself in a claustrophic nightmare. Surely the contestants could see it would probably be used against them in the future?
    My least favourite thing is actually pork belly, so I could safely say that and as an assiduous student of MasterChef would have had to practice it and studied how to make crispy crackling.

    I agree – I would make my favourite something meh and bland – the people who said flour and sugar were super smart as they could hardly ban you from that forever and you can always make it work with what was on offer. I think choosing an underbench staple was the smart play here.

  7. Anouska choose flour as her favorite ingredient. You can make thousands of things with flour, from sweets to savory.

    The honey cake is the same recipe as the one in the audition and last night challenge. Just change the filling. Not impress.

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