House Rules – week 4 room reveal

House Rules is beating MasterChef in the ratings some nights and they tend to swap spots as the week progresses, but both are being trounced by Lego Masters – due I guess to its cross-generational appeal. And the Hamish Blake-hosted Lego show has helped boost sales of the classic toy.
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  1. Given that it’s just you and me here Windsong, I need to do a little venting.
    How bizarro was it to put a bed on a raised platform in the wardrobe? Seriously, whose doing the thinking? Clearly not the builders.
    And pebbles under the bed? What? Somewhere for the dust bunnies to play?
    And then they get 7’s and 8’s. No judgement.

    • I like the two brothers. I think they’re getting a favourable edit. So I understand what their general idea was. They wanted to throw in all the bells and whistles, really go over-the-top in giving the sisters’ mother (because they’re quite fond of her, and the family does have a tragic back-story) a really luxurious, fancy space to live in.

      But with zero functionality. The whole thing ended up as hopelessly impractical.

      The dressing room looked too large to just be a wardrobe, so I guess, they tricked themselves into treating it like an actual room and decided to make a little retreat, reading space and nap room. But it didn’t work, it’s still just a wardrobe. And the pebbles and weed bed made it feel like an up-market hotel lobby, not a wardrobe.

      You’re right, too, about the pebbles under the bed. Like, how would you clean that?

      Their hearts were in the right place, but it was very strange. Isn’t that just the chance you take when a bunch of inexperienced randoms rebuild your house?

      • Surprised that the brothers were scored so well. The finishes were nice but the rocks under the bed, the day bed on a raised platform in the dressing room and the shelf with pulley made no sense. Wasted space with that daybed and shelf. They are trying to be too clever and not thinking about functionality.

  2. I’m watching regularly, too. Witness Laurence said ” I love being sucked in a hallway”

    I couldn’t believe it. MAFS can’t compete with that level of coarseness..

    • That was such a cringe-inducing moment, wasn’t it?

      He was the drunken uncle at a wedding who’s aiming for risque, blue humour, and instead, nobody laughs, and it’s just kind of embarrassing.

  3. I hope the dancers dance their way off the show at the end of this round. They truly think they are entitled and they come off as being arrogant. First, they dance their way out of the tent. Then they think that they deserved better scores with what they achieved. Both the bathroom and hallway were not finished and the placement of furniture in the lounge area was not good. I didn’t like all of the hangings on the wall.
    I’ve noticed that some of the teams are just putting too much “stuff” in the rooms and that “stuff” doesn’t need to be there.

    • Yes, I agree there is too much “stuff” in the rooms. They seem to style for a magazine shoot and not for practical day to day living. Does anyone (in the real world) really have 7 pillows taking up half the length of the bed on a daily basis? Why not have fixed shelves in the laundry instead of a rope pulley system?

      • The amount of pillows on all those beds drives me crazy. I have two pillows, and one I only use when I’m reading in bed (which isn’t often, I read in a different room).

        Imagine taking them off, every night, finding a spot in the room to throw them, and rearranging them every morning. Oh my gosh.

      • I like pillows. The grandkids like pillows.
        So do the dogs.
        A lot of lovely pillows have died in the making of a bed.

  4. Was it a bad edit or were they really tiling with 4 hours to go?? I always thought that the qualified tradesmen were always pre-booked and the contestants were given a schedule.
    I also noticed that all the floors are always filthy when the “buzzer” goes, someone must go through and wash and vacuum afterwards.
    And yes the dancers are very annoying and entitled, I’m sure they could sneak into a gym or a caravan park for a shower.

  5. So tomorrow night, they’re starting on the two brothers’ house. It’s a shame, because the brothers are hilarious and it means a few episodes without them.

    But still, I’m like, dang it, come to Queensland already. ‘Cause they’ve done the tiny house, the big brick house, the sisters’ house, and now they’re onto the brothers’ house, so there’ll only be two left.

    • Oh, and four in the tent, next week? That just says orgy, to me.

      … I haven’t been on a date in, like, a really long time.

  6. The brothers’ house (actually, only one of them lives there, but he has a young family) is a cute little 1950s weatherboard shack, but the place seems like a labyrinth (and it has a weird dungeon attached to the back of the house. I’m sure nobody was ever murdered in there).

    Pete and Courtney are starting to show their villain cred, but I admire the show for their restraint, it’s taken them halfway through the renos to establish the moustache-twirling villains.

    • Pete did have a point though regarding the floor – I would hate to have a black floor throughout, made worse when a couple of teams seem to be planning black for cabinetry as well.

      • I actually completely agree with you. I thought they were being jerks about the space of the kitchen (surely they can give the other teams 20 centimetres of space), but I completely agree with them regarding the floor. A nice Australian timber floor would’ve looked so much better. I can’t imagine Tim will be a fan.

  7. The one thing I do like to see about the early room reveals is that, the entire group chips in to help the two teams finish the two rooms, to clean and style them (even pick up furniture stored in the containers, halfway down the street) in the minutes before the siren sounds. It’s nice to see everybody working together for a single goal.

    Having said that … ouch. Tim doesn’t like the dark floors. Should’ve listened to Pete and Courtney, guys.

  8. I’m here too, albeit a bit late.

    After a few settling weeks, we have entered the “manipulate the scores to try to make things even” stage, when the judges scores start to make no sense, especially when put up against the more logical score of the home owners. I can’t believe that the judges scored Andy and Lisa (perfect bathroom, nice bedroom that didn’t quite meet the rules) lower that the dancers (unfinished bland hallway, bland impractical lounge and badly unfinished ensuite). I am no great fan of A & L but I thought they were very hard done by this week.

    Mr “it’s not fair!”, thinks that the judges and home owners should divine their design intentions and ignore their poor workmanship and unfinished rooms. That’s not really very fair, is it? If design was all that mattered why would any of them bother painting the skirts or grouting – they could just spend their time shopping and arranging objects artistically.

    Overall I liked this house, mainly because there wasn’t a black or dark grey wall, floor or ceiling to be seen, and very little other grey. Lots of light and pretty blues and greens. I agree with the not-so-good things mentioned above by others, but none of them are unfixable (like ugly coloured bathroom tiles,eg). Yes, maybe the kitchen could have been a little more compact, but the time to change that was not after the skylights had been done and the light positions set. I love that neither Shayn & Carly nor Alex & Katie allow themselves to be manipulated into fights or disagreements.

    I am hanging out to see the scene when the girls find out the truth about why they are in the tent next week. I thought it “unfair” (see, Pete, others can say it too) the way Joh stated that the teams had agreed on that outcome – very misleading.

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