MasterChef Mon – dessert pressure test

“Those that failed to impress in the previous episode are facing the dreaded pressure test. Our cooks are charged with recreating a Darren Purchese dessert, and whoever doesn’t impress the judges will be going home.”

Who writes these? George? Those “that”? Try those “who”. Luckily, I’m perfect.
This is what they have to make:



  1. Does that girl realise she’s on TV? That her family and friends are watching?
    ‘I’ve sacrificed so much to be here. I’ve left my dogs… I’ve left my partner….”
    Well I guess if he was wondering where he ranked in her affections he now knows. Right behind the dogs.

    “I haven’t told my parents but I don’t think I’ll finish university”
    Guess what? They know now!

    • ‘I’ve sacrificed so much to be here. I’ve left my dogs… I’ve left my partner….”

      You haven’t had your fuckin’ leg blown off in a war, who cares for your your selfish delusion dressed up as “sacrifice”. Australia’s best amata sooks.

  2. More sorbet, more ice cream. This pressure test is not as difficult as previous pressure test

  3. Isn’t it a bombe Alaska they have to try to replicate? Doesn’t the ice cream part need overnight in a freezer, or are blast chillers that efficient? I’ll be interested in how long they get to make this.

      • Well, I guess there wouldn’t be any drama if they gave them an optimum amount of time to complete the challenge.

      • When I become a millionaire I want to buy a blast chiller, sous vide machine & all those fancy gadgets they use on MasterChef.

        • Carole, no problem with all those purchases. You also need a new home with a BIG kitchen! 😂
          I love to have the same kitchen as you

    • When I had a cooking class in Cordon Bleu I was finally able to see a blast chiller in action. It feels like everything is setting in no time. :O It’s an amazing gadget to have and it helps tremendously in kitchens. Wish I had one!
      Oh, it also explains why the two Gs are so dumb, they stuck their heads into a blast chiller for too many times.

  4. It’s just started here. Oh gawd, more tears. Stop crying! What is George wearing, has he been outside tending to the glorious herb garden?

  5. I thought once the booze was ignited, the alcohol evaporates and just the flavour remains. So why the special one for Yosra(?).

    Anyway, the right result. These two were precise and methodical, and Dee was out of her depth. The toothy smiles weren’t enough.

  6. Juz: re “Who writes these? George? Those “that”? Try those “who”. Luckily, I’m perfect.”
    I am so glad someone else has commented on this. I am seeing ‘that’ instead of ‘who’ all the time lately, in books, in the newspapers, everywhere and I could just scream when I see it.

    • SAME, daffydill. I notice that all of the time now; ” The man that went to lunch”, instead of The man “who….”. It’s become common practice, as has the incorrect use of all pronouns. Luckily I’m not going to live forever because me ears can’t stand it.
      My husband’s a mathematician so I tell that him it’s like people saying, “2+2=3”, and everyone accepting it. He tells me it’s not. 😄

      • Devolution. There was a movie made about it. It was called Idiocracy; Really stupid guy accidentally winds up in a time capsule meant for a top scientist. He emerges a couple of decades later and is the smartest person on the planet. Yep, completely feasible.

        The intelligensia bred responsibly to save the planet (or to afford a fine life), while the idiots bred like rabbits. Result=

        • No wasn’t for a top scientist.. they we’re freezin two (one male, one female) who were classified as average for every benchmark for only a year… program got shut down and they got awoken in the great garbage landslide a few hundred years later.

    • I am not a native speaker and when I see mistakes like that it really irritates me and I question my language skills. 🙂 Same with “should of”, I have no idea where that originated from, but it drives me crazy.
      I also hate that in such a short blurb, they use “impress” twice. When I am writing in my native language German I always take care of finding a synonym so the text flows better, especially when I want someone’s attention.

  7. I’d be too scared to make that at home, I’d be worried I’d burn the house down. I remember when Baked Alaska was baked in the oven. That’s why it’s called Baked Alaska. I wasn’t worried who went home, too soon to have favourites or people we hate. The team challenge tomorrow will give an indication on who’s annoying. It usually brings out the worst in people.

  8. It is only me? This season is meh.

    How can you apply for MC without knowing how to temper chocolate? MC is full of chocolate desserts and tempering is a must know technique.

    • Yes, Littlepetal. Did I see them pass a dessert that was meant to use tempered chocolate but used choc bits instead? That should have been a few points against, but they praised the swap.

      • Surely chocolate tempering is up there with Ice Cream making and Sous Vide machine use as a masterchef 101?
        That dessert had quite a few of our favourite cliches – the red mounds of death, the tempering, the ice cream churner, the blast chiller – all proudly showcased!

    • This is the best year of Ma$terchef because Gary said so , and it can’t be denied that tempering chocolate is part of Masterchef’s fucked up folklore.

      There’s still time for others to shine. Boiling potatoes has brought Australia’s best amata cooks undone. Toasting a bun was too much for Danni Venn. Let’s see some salmon fillets that look like Jack The Ripper’s done them. Alas, I know thee too well , Ma$terchef. Same shite, different year. A looming culinary catastrophe. Most of the churning is being done in the viewers’ guts.

  9. Asking them to temper chocolate under hot studio lights is nigh impossible. I would like to see a Darren do it just so we know it is achievable. Now, who are all these people of the gantry commenting – I’ve not see half of them before!

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