MasterChef Mon – Nigella’s roast chook test

Nigella is here and it’s Pressure Test time for the previous losing team. The contestants have 90 minutes to cook Nigella’s infamous roast chicken with two sides and gravy.

I don’t think the person writing these blurbs knows the meaning of infamous …



  1. How can you prep and roast a whole chook in 90 minutes? I wonder how much undercooked chicken we’ll see tonight.

    • My pick “George” isn’t there. I don’t like when they do things like toasted sangers. But I will choose from the options. I’ll say ice-cream because I can never believe it wouldn’t melt and I don’t like melted ice-cream.

      • Amatas have most trouble getting the ice cream to set in the first place, it’s a near miracle if it even gets close to the “melting” stage. The dome is always half empty on Ma$terchef.

  2. I’m enjoying what I have seen of tonight’s show. I might try those duck fat spuds sometime. Some of those carrots look delicious.

  3. Surprised that Abbey followed instructions tonight and didn’t let the chicken decide for itself what it wanted to be.
    They were all there because of her, but she felt no guilt as she got dish of the day!

    • Not a fan of Abbey. I thought a touch of humility from her might not go astray as it was her ridic Flavour Profile crap instead of an actual decision that landed them all there. But none on display that I could see – more worry that she had to do better!
      I must admit Miso Potatoes sound pretty nasty and apparently WERE so I was unsurprised that Monica got booted.
      Looks like Larissa, although frighteningly calm (that is to say SLOW) under pressure has actually a good palate and understands what goes together. Her screwed up face the previous night when she tasted the relay “Flavour Profiles” dish was gold. I got the distinct impression that some of the flavour profiles actually tasted pretty yuck.

  4. “What?! No potatoes?!”
    How can you have a roast without potatoes? Or beans. I love string beans in a roast.

        • You’re lucky you don’t know what “soil” is (Ma$tercult cliche) but if you keep watching, it’ll appear and be praised to the heavens, for providing that wow factor crunch.

          • I saw a soil dish on MC once, long ago. It looked like…..soil.
            I know lots of pre primary kids who try the same trick; ” Here Mrs B. We made you a cake” From the sandpit.

      • That could be an actual Masterchef dish Smythe. If you could just work in a touching nonna story you’d be fine.
        We have had caramelised bacon icecream before so chook icecream is definitely in the zone!

  5. Just because the judges wanted potatoes with the roast chicken and then tell the contestants to cook whatever they like, they wanted to crucify Larrisa for not having potatoes with the roast chicken. Luckily she served crispy chicken skins and the 3 amigos can’t refused.

  6. Some of the contestants have CHEF on their profile in their SM accounts. Very pretentious!

    It’s an insult to the real chefs

  7. the background muzak last night was awful – how can they keep getting that wrong and so loud? just tone it down so we can hear what’s going on. It’s over ten years now with this show, we don’t need to be coached how to feel about what’s being show. Trust us.

  8. Oh my God, can’t believe that woman, can’t remember all of their names yet, added more stock to her gravy. Then went all weird about adding flour to thicken it. How the hell does she usually make gravy? I’ve always put flour in my gravy. So did my mum. I remember as a kid watching her make gravy, I usually had to stir it.
    Those potatoes with the duck fat looked yummy. So did the hasselback potatoes.

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