MasterChef Sun – mystery box

Hooray for the mystery box! I love these challenges, as I pause the recording on the ingredients and ponder what I would make in this situation. Fennel frond panna cotta, anyone?
The blurb says: It’s mystery box time and our cooks must create a delicious dish using at least one of the elected ingredients. Next up is the black mystery box, but this time, whoever cooks the worst dish is going home.



    • I don’t do make up so zero knowledge in this area. Her face is very orange? Is it the foundation or fake tan?

    • What’s in the box? And they only have to use one. Wish they would bump it to two. Brussels sprouts, tamarind, spatchcock, mango, spring onion, lemons, squid, tarragon, fish sauce

    • I quite liked Tessa. . . until I realised she might take the role of Gazza’s fave. That put the kiss of death on her.

    • I think she needs to pack in Middle Eastern spices and flavours, which is what the judges were probably looking for in the first case

    • Tim also miss the chance to compete for another immunity pin. Also Tim can see what were in the black mystery box. There is a piece of meat there. I am sure he can come out with a dish

      • I was surprised that they played it in that order – I thought you had to commit to playing the pin before you had a chance to sus out what you had to work with. Is this different to usual?

  1. Why do some of them want to use some many ingredients from the mystery box. The judges said just use one.

    Dee combination is wierd

  2. LOL… Gary states they “don’t have favourite contestants but favourite dishes.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • You are so cynical Big H – what you don’t realise is that young blonde women are simply the ones who cook the best dishes.

    • Huda is a lovely person. Love the smile. But her cooking is so so. Was she picked to fill the brief for diversity. I am sure there were better cooks in the audition

  3. A friend rang me and I missed a lot. Please can someone briefly fill me in on who took out the first mystery box challenge, and also tell me the deal with the black boxes? Thanks.

    • Abbey a blonde girl who has been under the radar won with a chicken dish. The black box is because it was a surprise elimination challenge with the mystery box. The ingredients were all black/dark purple. Tim decided not to risk it and handed over his immunity pin

  4. I knew they filmed the talking heads after and then edited them in, but why bother with same clothes and pin when he has a freakin’ beard!

  5. Well, Mr Pescatarian’s dish may have tasted good, but for them to say the presentation was beautiful is a bridge too far. Let’s face it – it looked like the result of a bad gastro attack.
    I think they would’ve liked to keep Huda for the ‘diversity quota,’ but there was something off about her. Maybe her incompetent cooking and that perennial grin – was she on meds?

  6. Huda did look as though she was out of her comfort zone, but she seemed to be a very pleasant, friendly woman. And didn’t she give a lovely exit speech.

    How did a steak get into a box of black ingredients?

  7. Ban the ice cream makers. It’s another season of too much ice cream and sorbet.
    Why do these contestants choose to cook something they have never cooked before? I will never understand that when it comes to an elimination round.

    I am a vegetarian and maybe Kyle’s dish tasted delicious but based on the way it looked I wouldn’t have wanted to eat that. At least he was smart enough to change his mind and not cook the steak since he didn’t have a lot of experience cooking meat.

  8. Why would he use his immunity pin when there were so many there? I can understand when there are only 3 or 4 to cook against. But he would be extremely unlucky to have the worst dish out of all them.

    • Yeah I’d have played the odds I reckon and just backed yourself NOT to be the person who stuffed it.

  9. I was asleep by about 8.00. I will watch today as you all made it intriguing. Thanks.

    I had a peek at lego thingy last night and I would definitely rather watch the making of smash apple pie than lego blocks.

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