1. Awww – look what Callum tweeted.
    Remember when he was the young lad trying to beat Adam Liaw for the MC title?

    • Love how he has mature to a lovely man.

      I remembered watching the episode when he was bumming along with his dessert. Me and my niece were laughing at his efforts.

      Luckily he has improved a lot.

      • I loved Callum. He was so serious I found it totally endearing. Was that way back when you didn’t have to be a single issue candidate? When we expected people to be able to cook something other than ice cream and LAYER CAKE…. Honestly Anushka this one trick is wearing very, very thin. Why did she not go on bake off if she is only interested in cake?

    • It used to be “the hero of the room”. I can’t remember which renovation show but I always assumed it was an interior design term, subverted by MC.
      The hero of the room in my house is me – the floors have been washed. TaDa!

  2. I’m pretty sure we all thought the same thing when they said “relay test”. But I feel so sorry for poor John whose mistake unfortunately seems to have made that phrase infamous. He stuffed up a dish on MC, he didn’t start a nuclear war. It was years ago and it’s past time to let it go. I googled wcv and no recipes came up, only the disaster on MC. Enough.

  3. Three out of four teams make ice cream. Seems like this will be another season with too much ice cream. They should ban the ice cream maker. Then there is Anushka who bakes another layer cake.
    Did anyone catch the look that Mandy gave Abby as they were leaving the MC kitchen? If looks could kill but then Abby did not start the team off well at all and no one on the team was able to come back from her bad judgment regarding not coming up with a dish and just setting out some ingredients.

    • Nigella also gave it to her for not taking responsibility by deciding on a dish.

      The judges did try to tell her that it is not a wise move but she knew better

      • Abby knew she’d stuffed it up – the pressure of cooking in front of Nigella got to her. And her indecision threw No.2. I think tonight is cooking Nigella’s roast chook so challenge could favour the Anglo Aussies. Abby will be safe

  4. I tuned in to watch until I saw it was a relay test. Does anyone really cook like that in real life? That’s a genuine, not rhetorical question. I couldn’t be bothered with the nonsense. Then I began to wonder if I timed an episide of MC, how much time would be given to actual cooking and judging, as opposed to dramatics. I might do that tonight.

    • I doubt anyone cooks that way in real life. Why would they? Imagine having friends over and telling them everyone is going to collaborate on one dish, but no one is going to know what the others are doing. Your friends would assume you were joking, and order takeaway.

      It’s an exercise in communication more suited to a children’s party.

  5. Farewell white chocolate veloute. I present to you ice cream tart. I think it’s time for something else to take that mantle. That guy saying he had never heard of an ice cream tart. That’s because they don’t exist. Thank God that guy noticed everyone else was cooking with pistachios.

  6. Totally the right team sent to elimination though. They definitely threw a lot of shade on Captain Abby’s strange decision to not MAKE a decision, even by praising the team that won with ” they started with a clear idea and they followed through with each team member. . . ” clearly implying that the losers did no such thing.

  7. So they make fools of themselves over Nigella – even she looked like she wanted to slap them. These people are an embarrassment. Abbey and Layered Cake Woman …”Ooh she’s my idol” etc.

    I love the relay – it’s always an amusing diversion. And I still think the Veloute Incident was hilarious, and people regard it with affection, not malice. It also spawned the classic line ‘John’s gone rogue.’ Brilliant.

    I think the whole thing with Waleed suddenly developing amnesia and dementia looked so fake. Forgetting the ‘hero’ ingredient and wanting to put ice cream in a tart, when he’s supposed to be a dessert expert? I don’t think so.
    Maybe they were trying to recreate another Veloute moment … didn’t work.

    Felt sorry for the poor girl who had to cook last on Abbey’s team. And yes, Mandy gives a good death glare.

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