MasterChef Sun – Rick Stein mystery box

It’s Legends Week and our cooks have to create a dish using Rick Stein’s Mystery Box.
Later, a fish-and-potatoes-themed Invention Test determines who will face the Immunity Challenge and Pressure Test.

Let’s play MasterChef bingo … Take a drink if someone attempts twice-cooked chips and fails miserably. Or if they have never filleted a fish before. Or if they add fennel to the dish. Or if they say “Rick Stein is my food hero”.



  1. The music introducing Rick Stein is so over-dramatic, one would think that Dr Who is about to deliver a rousing monologue defending the Earth.

    The Cobram product placing is really jarring, isn’t it? Guess White Wings wasn’t willing to splash the cash.

    • Some episodes ago when they were wheeling the trolley in, amongst the cloches was the bottle of Cobram olive oil.

      • Didn’t someone trip over & smash a bottle of Cobram olive oil & cut themselves last year? It was during Nigella week too. I remember her helping him. It was pretty bad he had to go to hospital & was out for a few challenges.

  2. I do enjoy Rick Stein’s cooking shows, but wouldn’t call him my food hero. My food hero would have to have been Antonio Carluccio, bless his heart. I would have fangirled over him if I’d ever seen or met him.

    My first thought, too, on a fish and potatoes themed test was wondering how many variations of fish and chips we’ll see. Yawn. Will someone try to make a jazzed-up tartare sauce, incorporating something weird?

  3. I love both those Italians- who’s the other one?
    And my favourite Stein is the son. I would fangirl over him. Love his show, love his cooking.
    These people are annoying. When can we send another couple home?

    • The other chef on Two Greedy Italians is Gennaro Contaldo. I’ve only seen a few of those on SBS Food. Antonio had his own show a long time ago, forget the name, which is when I became a big fan. Stein’s son is almost as good as his old man.

  4. I don’t know who is embarrassing themselves (excessive over emotion) or auditioning for NIDA.

    Rick…sob…Stein…hysterical hand-waving…is…hiccup…my food…wipe tear…my food hero…

  5. For chrissake, MC, we’ve had enough of Tim and bloody Tessa and the blonde with glasses who gets flustered all the time. Is there anyone else in this comp?

  6. Sandeep serves food and starts crying.
    Sandeep says serving food is like seeing God.
    Does Sandeep have … issues?

    And is this MasterSteph? I look forward to maybe not seeing or hearing her, just once.

    • OMG…it’s Rick Stein…fanning, goosebumps, screaming, jumping…going to die if my dish gets tasted.
      Would have liked Steph and Abbey to be in the pressure test and not the immunity challenge.
      Steph seems to have taken over for Howdy when it comes to amount of time being on camera, but I think they are just teasing her. I don’t see her winding up in the final.
      Still didn’t get the opportunity to see what all of the contestants cooked.

      • +4000 for Abbey being in the pressure test. That woman pushes all my DISLIKE INTENSELY buttons.
        Possibly it is because she cannot speak without saying the words “beautiful” or “hero”.

  7. Not a little peep to what Anouska has cooked last night. It has to be savoury but we didn’t get to see how bad or good they were

  8. They seem to have changed the way they do the mystery box best dish. In the past the person with the best dish would pick the ingredient for the invention test which would jinx them & they would usually then end up in the bottom 3. But now they go straight through to the immunity challenge.

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