MasterChef Sun – Secrets Week starts

It’s Secrets Week, and, after a quick workshop with Din Tai Fung’s Edward Yulianto, our cooks must create a tasty dumpling dish and later invent a dish that incorporates a secret. Shh.

I will be watching this one as I love a good dumpling but usually cheat and buy the gow gee wrappers to make pot stickers.



  1. I have made dumpling wrappers from scratch but I can’t roll it to a perfect round. If I want it to be round, I need to use a cutter

  2. MC Facebook has a video of how to eat a soup dumpling. I didn’t watch it because Facebook insists that I join. However, I never thought there was an art to eating dumplings. Pick one up with your chopsticks, pop it in your mouth if it’s small, take two bites if it’s large.

    It will be interesting, probably amusing, to see the secret ingredients chosen. Maggie Beer would use verjuice, lemon zest, or vino cotto.

    • You can watch tonight. Because of the liquid inside you can eat in 2 bites or else you will lose the broth. Either eat in one bite or with the spoon

      • Oh, I will be watching most of the show. I just found it funny that there is a “right” way to eat something.

    • …and another curry. She winds up in the group competing for immunity. Guess all she needs to do is keep cooking curries.

  3. I’m confused. How did the broth get inside the dumplings? Is it from the little mystery blobs in the pork mix that Gary said would melt?

    And Gary, keep your fingers out of the chef’s mix.

    • First you have to make a good stock that will coagulate when cold. My cheat method is to add in some gelatin into the stock and set in the fridge.

      Then you chopped up the jelly and mix with the filling. When you steam the dumplings, the gelatin will melt and you will have your broth.

      This soup dumpling is very difficult to master. The skin is very thin and yet it won’t break when you steam the dumplings.

      The chef who demotrate tonight is an expert.

      Din Tai Fung soup dumplings (Xiao Long Bao) are all the same size:

      Dumpling Skin 5g
      Filling 16g
      18 pleats
      Weight of each Xiao Long Bao is 21g

      • Or I could buy them at my local, and very excellent, dumpling restaurant.
        Just asking for a friend, are home made dumplings like gnocchi? In that once you’ve made your own, you would never have store bought again?

  4. I would’ve thought Sandeep’s secret was ‘seeing God.’
    No matter how good his endless curries are, he can’t win – couldn’t give it two currie guys in a row.

    Speaking of endless curries, Tati is beginning to grate. I want to see her doing a layer cake or a panna cotta … anything without her trusty banana leaves.
    Or has MC gone to Indonesia?

    Is Walleed the leper of the group? The least shown and no talky time at all, which is a shame. There are others I’d like to see quarantined.
    I hope Anushka gets to stay, now she’s ditched her layer cakes – she’s at least a bit interesting. The other two … meh.

  5. I usually buy the wonton wrappers as well but make my own filling. Anyone have a good recipe to make your own wrapper?

  6. Well I’m way too lazy to make dumplings from scratch. If I want them I will buy them already made. That is way too fiddly & time consuming for me.
    As for having to cook with a secret ingredient. I would be stumped.

    • I like making my own because I don’t like the fillings in ready-made. But I wouldn’t bother trying to make the skins.

      • me too Daisy.
        I just use wonton wrappers and the filling is quick and delicious. Mind you, I have not even attempted to do soup dumplings even though I love them with a guilty passion that I can barely confess to in the safe confines of TTV.
        I can’t make them look very pretty though, so I was super interested by watching these people fold them. Some of the contestants did a great job (and how often do I say THOSE words??)

  7. Watched my first MC 2019 last night. There’s a couple of oldies’ journeys to be terminated yet. Don’t dare to dream MC dreams if you’re over 40.

    Jowl$y advising amatas not to panic while they’re panicking like rabbits at a greyhound party..

  8. Since we are talking about dumplings, you may like to try this Thai Chives dumplings.

    The skin is more forgiving to make. BTW, the Chinese used is Chinese chicks not the chives from supermarket. David Thompson has this in his restaurants.

    Also I have used spinach instead of chives.

  9. Geez, Gary must have taken the money and run after doing those weight loss ads a while back. He’s looking like a sack of duck fat.

    • I know I said it before, but I can’t bare to watch George eat, starting with the way he peers into the food with his snout.

      • I can’t watch George eat either. He never lifts the utensil to his mouth, but drops his head so far down that his head is almost in the dish holding the food. And I want to slap him every time he licks his knife.

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