MasterChef Thurs – Condiment taste test elimination

The bottom team from the previous challenge are presented with an array of condiments they must identify correctly. The first five to guess incorrectly head into an elimination cook.

How many spoons of white or red glop do we get to watch them sniff? This could be over quickly.
Have they done a herb and spice one? That could be fun.
The taste test is followed by a five-person cook off, the elimination and then masterclass.



  1. The promo asserts that there is a difference between ketchup and tomato sauce.

    I’ve always thought it only depended on which manufacturer slaps the label on the bottle.

    • I thought they are the same. I grew up with Ketchup. Maybe the difference is Ketchup has vinegar in it. A bit sweet and sour

    • I always thought, Aussie and Poms say tomato sauce. Americans say ketchup. I never heard the word “ketchup” before American tv.

      Either way it’s junk in a bottle.

    • Most of them annoy me. I’ve yet to like any of them, or start hoping any one wins. The show is always more interesting if you have someone to barrack for, but so far, nah, I don’t care.

      Two of the guys I sort of kind of maybe think are maybe okay. But I don’t remember their names.

      • I feel the same way. Any of them could have been eliminated and I wouldn’t have cared. This is the first season I haven’t really liked any of the contestants.

  2. We are out on thursday nights and I absolutely HAD to watch the Survivor Finale so just came here to see who went. Don’t think I need to bother watching the recording?

    I thought it was just a naming thing about sauce and ketchup. I would have failed that one.

    Can I plus x 10,000 on Abbey dislike? Why is she so grating? She seems smug and lacking in humility or self- reflection – her mien on winning the chook cook after getting her team into elimination was just Plain Wrong. Surely she could have thrown out a few ‘I have mixed feelings about this given it’s all my fault’ instead of the unvarnished ‘I knew I had this one in the bag’ vibes which we were shown.

    Re: knowing the contestants I found it hilarious that in the custard cook off they didn’t even bother showing one of the blokes. There’s a lot of fillers still left. I liked the Japanese savoury custard bloke – Simon I think. But mainly, I dislike more than I like the contestants. Maybe I am just too old and cynical about MC now.

  3. I guess they’re still culling females – they always seem to have an excess of them. If they had to get rid of one of the ‘more mature’ women, I would’ve preferred Steph instead of Mandy, who could be quite funny at times.
    Whereas Steph, with her silly haircut and clown glasses seems to be a try-hard, who wants everyone to like her.

    I like Tessa and Larissa as they’re down to business and unemotional … so far. And some of the guys.
    But Abbey, ugh. And Leah, the exaggerated, dramatic way she speaks – is she auditioning for a Shakespearean tragedy? The Meryl Streep of MC.

  4. Hi I’m a “Pom” just watching now on Amazon Prime. Apart from way too much hugging-its like AA support team rather than elimination contest at times! Deffo not how English Masterchef plays out!
    Anywho… Im really curious about the actual condiments, wad there a list of the ones used somewhere in Auzzie?
    If anyone had the list of 42 condiments used for the “condiment elimination challenge” series 11. Then please send me it)))
    With many thanks, jem.

    • Hi Jeremy, thanks for your post. This aired a while ago for us but I will see what I can track down. Disappointingly, they don’t always name the missed ingredients. Much less hugging in our latest season, filmed mid-covid

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