MasterChef Tues

These immunity rounds involve sauce, secrets and citrus. A contestant will face off against an established chef that [sic] will be kept secret from everyone, including the judges, until the very end.

A secret chef? Please tell me it’s Peter Gilmore in a Zorro mask!



  1. Do the contestants actually know that the “secret chef” is Andy because some of them don’t appear to have a clue?

    Guess Andy is taking the fall for so Sandeep can be gifted the pin.

  2. Andy is now doing very well From a contestant who can’t cook (it was a joke when he won MC) to a competant chef now. He did the hard yard. Not like some winner. He actually did an apprenticeship

  3. Sandeep just scored a perfect 30. They are keeping Andy’s score “secret” unless you go to FB.

    Producers’ fix.

  4. Sandeep’s sauce is making my mouth water. I don’t know yet how it goes with the judges, but he can serve the sauce to me without lobster, just over rice or noodles, or even bread.

  5. Wow, have Sandeep and Tati ever had to cook anything other than the food of their respective countries? Can someone please give them sugar, flour, chocolate, a mold … anything else? Maybe they can’t cut it – limited in their ethnic bubble.

    The lobster did look great, but I hope the big boy judges enjoyed half a cup of caster sugar in the rice. ‘Balancing the flavour,’ you see.

    As if the judges didn’t know who the ‘secret chef’ was. And as if Andy didn’t take one for the team. Good to see he rose from mediocrity and became a real chef.

    I guess after that, not only did Sandeep see God again, but they went clubbing together.

    • As if the judges didn’t know who made which dish. I agree that the secret chef was not a secret to the judges. BS episode.
      Sandeep states that cooking a curry might be a cliché. Yes it is a cliché because that is about all he can cook. Curry, masala, etc. Doesn’t step out of his box, so to speak.
      They should have let him choose an ingredient and then let the “secret” chef choose the type of cuisine (not Indian).

  6. Good on Sandeep, but like others have said he really needs to stop cooking just curries. Like pretty much every Indian contestant before him cooks only curries.
    They need to have a dessert week like in previous years to test the ones who only every cook savoury food.
    I felt bad for Derek, a pity he ruined those ribs.

    • Curries always rate on MC. Remember the curry that Marco Pierre White said was the best. There were currries from Sashi, Richie?, Dee or Tati to die for.

      Might as well make is a MasterCurry. Then every dish is deliciousness.

      • I know I’m in the minority but I really don’t like curries. Don’t know what the fuss is about.

      • Judges just go gaga with curries.

        Not all curries are the same. I didn’t taste so I can’t comment. Should get an Indian chef to critique

  7. Honestly TTV people you are all SOOO cynical. Of course the judges didn’t realise it was Andy. Of course Andy didn’t take the fall. Of course Sandeep deserved 30 points. How could you DOUBT? You all need to just trust the program and it will reward you.
    Anyway, back in the real world, I actually find Sandeep way less annoying than Sashi, but the similarities are there which is not really fair on Sandeep. It will be interesting to see how he goes on sweet stuff, given that (sweeping & probably racist generalisation coming up) Indian desserts are usually sickeningly sweet and disgusting). However, i do realise that when pushed out of her layer cake comfort zone Anushka coped well with savoury so I am keen for the experiment.
    I was listening to a podcast (the Washing up) and they have a drinking game about Masterchef cliches. It was hilarious. Sandeep was in deep for his “beautiful” and was very close to the edge on respecting the ingredients when he was worshipping at the lobster’s altar. They also seem to be over Abbey and Tim for their annoying commentary, so they are obviously keen students of the show!

    • The producers are all so one track mind. We already have a winner of Indian culture and they want to replicate that again. Maybe to please the high following from India.

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