MasterChef Tues – Custard immunity test

Nigella week continues, and the four best cooks from her Mystery Box challenge must cook a dish that celebrates custard. The top contestant will compete against Coskun Uysal, of renowned Tulum.

I’m going to take a punt here: panna cotta and crumbles will feature. Check out the pants Matt Preston has worn in honour of the custard challenge.



  1. Will the amatas’ custard cut the mustard?

    Or will they produce cuss~turd?

    Who will be flustered?

    Ammunity for old rope.

  2. I don’t like or ever make custard, but what is the ingredient that the one who stuffed up in the relay leaves out? I would guess it’s whatever is used as thickener, because in the promos she is saying how easy this challenge is, but seems to fuck it up anyway.

    Don’t they do mise en place so no ingredient is forgotten?

  3. The guest chef seems like a lovely chap. A well-deserved win. Simon is still a contender and he takes risks when it doesn’t matter, in immunity pin challenges. His Japanese custard looked delish

  4. Maybe some kind of custard-filled doughnut with a bacon crumb or jam. Maybe Mille feuikle if more time. We need Zhee to weigh in on this

    • Well, mille-feuille would be possible, but not in 1 hour. For MC, I do not think you would get a pass for storebought pastry. And making it in 1 hour AND bake it, I would not attempt it.

  5. I’m enjoying MC this year. I just watch the nights that are less gimmicky and where I see lots of different cooking ideas….that I might never end up trying, but it’s delicious to watch. 😋
    I love duck. They have added duck bao to the VAT2 lunch menu. 😋😋

    • Chinese egg tarts: I googled them. Yum.

      I thought shaved head lady’s sticky black rice and mango was pretty standard, but I do love it….with coconut cream.

    • Why make something that requires 2 hours to make properly? The result is always going to be less than perfect.
      I love a hot runny custard poured liberally over a pudding. It’s nothing fancy but itwould have got Nigella drooling.

  6. I found it so weird that these people who are so adept at making icecream got all flustered by custard. I mean, you basically make custard TO make icecream.
    Possibly they should have been told to make “the sloppy stuff you put in the ice cream churner”.
    The guy who made dry brownies with raspberry custard – nope, nope nope. Not even close!

  7. I liked the guest chef but he was channeling his inner masterchef contestant by saying all recipes come from his mum, his mum is his biggest inspiration etc etc 🙊🙊

    Also… I miss shannon as mentor. I liked Billie in her season but she was pretty bland as a mentor.

    • Billie is not good for TV. I think Elena will be better but she is pregnant and about to have her first child. Timing is not right.

      • Billy is supereasy on the eye, but she has no TV personality. Too calm and simply not entertaining enough. Sadly.

        • Good to know that I am not alone when it comes to Billie. I liked her as a contestant but she is dull and boring as a mentor. Sometimes it seems as if she is sleepwalking or that she doesn’t really want to be there.

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