MasterChef Tues – immunity challenge

The winners of the mystery box and invention test face the immunity challenge. History is made when the judges choose who will cook against Young Chef of the Year, Max Sharrad.

Here’s a bit about Max and his new restaurant.
And if his wife’s name is familiar to you, it’s because Laura Cassai was the MasterChef runner up to Brent Owens. At the time Laura was 18 – the girl with Italian heritage who was a dab hand with pasta. She went on to work for Andre Ursini from season one MC at his restaurant here in Adelaide (which is fabulous, by the way).



  1. Fried Chicken for an Ammunity Pin.. I might be too chicken to watch this. Colonel Sanders got this right years ago. When he was 65. Oh shit, it’s raining cats and dogs in Adelaide.

    • I was up on the roof last night BDD. No, not in despair at MasterChef but because our dining room ceiling floods in heavy rain, so I was checking the gutters. Thursday looks to be a doozy

      • With any luck Juz, the rain might wash down any missing footwear. 😂😂😂😂 Or vegetables.

          • Does he own a helicopter? You should post that pic here and play the “how did it get there” game. I vote Twilight Zone.

            Martians borrowed then returned him. Like Cinderella. 😂

  2. Fancy the cute blonde pet winning ammunity. I can’t believe it.Ma$terchef history.

    I feel sorry for the patsy guest chef.

    Thanks Litllepetal.

    • BDD – I think you have ALREADY forgotten that they do not have favourite contestants, just favourite dishes.
      And it is pure coincidence that the cute blonde cooked their favourite dish.
      I’m actually giving her props for the pork belly call – that speaks to a basic level of preparation.

  3. Is Romper Stomper Max on the ‘roids? His neck was wider than his shoulders. I’m tipping his wife – the nonna girl – ain’t thinking of her nonna much anymore.
    He probably got paid well to be the fall guy – and to get his foot in the MC door. I’m sure he’s an excellent chef, but his dish looked pretty lame.

    That girl deserved it. And I can’t believe I’m agreeing with MC decisions … so far.

    • I would have expected something more from the professional chef but then he was told to take the fall so that at least one of the amatas could win.
      Tessa was smart to go with pork belly, favorite of the judges. She did a good job with the dish and deserved the win.

      • But did you notice the amount of pork belly she started with and the size of the piece presented to the judges? I wonder if the other contestants or the crew eat the remainder.

  4. I actually agree Lulu – the decision looked pretty fair to me. The chef’s looked like a bowl of cat sick and the white chocolate (did we all flashback to White Chocolate Veloute Man?) mound looked erky. It seemed that the most cheffy dish was truly made by a contestant!

  5. Just reminding everyone to keep ttv going by clicking on the ads from time to time…..even if it’s for the removal of piles.

    • good oh. I have just taken up golf lessons and I will be interested to track how long it takes the ads to stop displaying travel pics and start displaying golf gear!

      • Socks that relieve foot pain. Hmmm. I will get some for Woolif. I wonder how they work? Soaked in local anaesthetic? Or do they come with a large reefer? 🤔

    • Rev. Benny Hinn said that rubbing the inside of a banana skin on your piles will help. Even Jesus can’t heal them on his show.

  6. Havn’t warmed to any contestants yet… I suppose the eventual winner who will be edited to make us warm to hasn’t been shown yet.

    Wonder is Shannon is at home crying he is no longer the 4th amigo?

    All 3 dishes were meh (wrong show??)..

    We’ve lost 2 girls so far, so must be a boy next…

    MasterMeh.. 2019

  7. I would love for the new three mentors (wow women are now included!) to do a blind judging for one challenge. Hopefully they wouldnt be coached too much and just allowed to give an honest assessment.
    That would be great to see.

    How have y’all been? I missed you.

  8. Haven’t the farmers suffered enough from the drought to have to further endure “food” made by amatas?

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