MasterChef Tues – office immunity challenge

Matt Sinclair mentors the Immunity cook which uses only equipment from a typical office kitchen. Best dish enters Round 2, where they will compete against culinary legend Donovan Cooke.

Hmm, if this was based on my old office, they would have to cook in a microwave or using a toasted sandwich maker, with only two bent teaspoons and on a bench covered in spilt coffee.



  1. You can make a good meal in a microwave. But you have to have experience using one for more than re-heating food or melting butter. I cook all my vegetables and most of my wet dishes in mine. I lived for a short while in a place that didn’t have a stove, and am now a very good microwave cook.

    Expect some fancy microwave cakes or super-fancy toasted sandwiches from this MC lot.

  2. They all did well. I know we complain about Abby getting too much airtime but she has a real talent with fish dishes and an eye for presentation. Wonderful to see Tati doing so well in these last few eps and finally making the edit.
    What would I have made? Maybe a gozleme with some kind of microwaved tomatoey chutney for dipping

    • I think Abbey is super capable and very talented but I find her personality deeply annoying! If I could mute her “beautiful” and “perfectly” and “I can’t believe I’m cooking for xyz” crap I might be able to tolerate her better.
      Her dish looked great but as LP noted earlier similar to others she has done.
      For me the eggplant curry looked wowee.

      • Brussellsprout, you need to skip the first few minutes of tonight episode. It’s getting very repetitive when they behave like they have seen God when they saw Yotam. Also Abbey was saying the same thing like when they met Nigella.

        Wonder how many times they have to shoot them jumping up and down?

  3. We’re only a few minutes in here, and none of them have come up with some ridiculously complicated dish. Well done, contestants.

    It does make me cringe when the sharp edge of a knife is used to scrape veges off the cutting board. Use the dull side of the blade, show some respect for your expensive, sharp knife.

  4. Donovan looked thoroughly bored – made the right noises, but couldn’t wait to take the cash and get the hell out.

    Abbey’s dish, dare I say, was clearly the best, but they threw Taki a bone, because she has no hope of winning. Too limited by one style of cooking.

  5. Yes, Abbey plating was nice but the last few plating were quite similar.

    Can’t see how they think the Vietnamese pancake was the best.

    • Another tease by the judges. Tati will not be in the finals and she really had no chance of getting an immunity pin. They wouldn’t let the pro chef be a fall guy again.
      Her dish in the second round was very similar to what she made in the first round.

    • That’s a lot of jobs. I remember watching the Fifteen TV series ages ago so a real shame that had to shut. The one here in Adelaide was sol a few years ago and is always teetering on the edge of closure. It is in a beautiful old bank space – the loos are in the vault – but the service and food is not as good as smaller Italian places here in SA.

    • It is really tough to be in the food industry. Rent and salaries are high. Also some of them opened too many restaurants and quality will fall. Prices are high as well.

  6. Hey Juz, we ate at the Jamie Oliver Adelaide one last week. I will say the staff were wonderful and friendly. The food was nice, nothing to rave about. The bank space is incredible. Juz, I did a morning tea at your work place last month and you are right about the cutlery… glad we bought our own

    • Did you go to the loos at Jamie’s? I do like taking visitors there just so I can drag them downstairs. And the polenta chips are fabulous. You need to visit work on a Wed – that’s schnitzel day and (much as we bag the work cafe out) it’s actually pretty good.

  7. All those sandwich makers & not one person did a toasted sandwich. Who would think to cook fish & chicken on a sandwich press.

    • I once had a staff member cook vegan sausages on the work sandwich press. In a small room that did not have a fan. You can imagine the mess. Not cool! And I am still sad I missed the time at work my friend set the microwave for 10 mins instead of 1 min and managed to set off the smoke alarm.

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