MasterChef Wed – feeding the farmers

Contestants cook outside of the kitchen for the first time. Their challenge is to create a feast for volunteers, truckies, farmers and their families impacted by drought in Briagolong.

Let’s hope there are fewer tears in this episode than in the MKR feed the farmers one.



  1. Sigh. Usual spiel about salt of the earth, blah blah. Farmers are aware of the importance of their work and I doubt they like being reminded that they are receiving help. Perhaps their critiques about the food will be more candid, since they aren’t supplying the produce. They are usually very tactful and even kind about the food they’re served.

    I am tired of Tim now, especially his pursed-lips nodding of his head over what a worthy cause they are part of tonight. And who the hell is Larissa?

    • This guy has only just entered the comp, right? Never seen him before.
      Both menus looked great (can’t go wrong with a sticky date!) but the meat one was more cohesive than the seafood menu.

      • I didn’t get his name – was the the bloke trying to hide a butchered salmon? But he seemed to get it together later to do it pretty neatly.

  2. Would like to have seen how much coaching/advice the contestants would have had for producing so much food in a potentially hostile environment.
    PS: Just for you Juz, I’m about to be bombarded with ads for hearing aids 😉

  3. Judges, how about you try a different prompt than “push push push”. This is not One Born Every Minute. Hurry up, get your fingers out, move your asses, whatever makes the point that it is infuriating watching them cruise through their preparation.

  4. I find the “doing it for the farmers” episodes unbearably patronising.
    This one seemed to have less of the usual cooking outdoors problems that have made these go so wrong in the past. And did these people seem able to do the maths and convert recipes to scale up? I thought sticky date pud girl was on the money with a very easy dessert that most people like that you can do in quantity and not have to muck around tempering chocolate or making pastry. Clever.

    There was an absolute gold moment however when they filmed a conversation with the Irrepressibly Cheerful Leah dutifully raving about the wonderfully fresh apricots and then the camera shot to a headless contestant jumping up and down (in an irrepressibly cheerful mode). It was soo funny. No idea why they decided to not show her face, but it was super amusing – the other contestant with their head in the shot was doing something boring with lamb or crumble or something. I didn’t even register as I was chortling at bouncy other contestant.

  5. 150 diners but not one of them had any input as to which team’s dishes were the best. They should have been able to taste everything and vote for their favorite team.
    Red team goes with pork belly, fennel and apple puree for one of the mains and it’s a given that the judges will drool and swoon over that.
    Too much airtime for Tim again.

    • Indeed Smythe. I’m with you. My ability to cop Tim as self-styled narrator and all round genial bloke not afraid to ask the dumb questions is probably already under pressure. Don’t think I can absorb much more.

      • Yes, BP. Every time Tim (actually I prefer calling him Howdy) comes on the screen I want to mute or fast forward. He seems to pop up every few minutes.

  6. I wasn’t really watching but I keep hearing Tim talking. Like there are not other contestants around. And every time I look up, I only saw the red team cooking. Already I thought red team will win.

    We have yet to see more of the girl doing the Sticky date pudding. They are still a few contestants not getting any air time.

  7. Tonight’s ep is 2 1/4 hours long. My tv guide says it includes a Masterclass, but it is with George. George’s dishes are too cheffy for my budget and for my kitchen. I remember a previous class of his that had something like 60ml of pine nut milk as an ingredient, which would probably cost $100 to make. And I only use tweezers for the occasional stray eyebrow hair.

      • Thank you, LP. I’ll look forward to it now, even though I find a little bit of Poh goes a long way. Gary shines in Masterclass and I always enjoy his presentations.

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