MasterChef Wed – Italian team challenge

Each team is allocated a ‘secret weapon’ and must create a four-course Italian meal for 40 diners. Whichever team serves the least impressive meal will go into the next pressure test.



    • Yes, some nice old Nonnas have been rung in again. A classic Ma$terchef “secret” Give me some Godfather muzak to go with it and I’ll be a happy man.

    • Better to have a hole in your team than an arsehole in your team. Someone bellowing “We gotta hustle, gice”

      I feel for the forty diners.

  1. Joe’s the go. A dark pony. My earlier cheekiness about Red’s beef didn’t serve me well, but it seems it was a pleasing plate

  2. “They’re so cute, they’re so tiny”. “We don’t want the nonnas to slap us on the backs of our hands.”

    Could they be any more patronizing? Any one of these contestants can only hope to be as successful as these two women.

  3. Ok Joe, we know you have a girlfriend – could you mention it more often? Good for you, champ.

    The ‘nonnas’ were cool, especially Olympia. Looked a bit gruff – maybe from seeing a few horse’s heads in beds – but a great dead-pan sense of humour. She’s the maven of Italian cooking.

  4. I missed the episode as we were out (our daughter’s 18th birthday, coincidentally spent at an Italian restaurant – strangely no one shouted At All) and I was in a happy mood so didn’t want to watch Masterchef.
    Sadly it seems I missed not much other than Abbey being painful (der) but surviving (damn). Patronising of ethnic stereotypes. Pannacotta. Unnecessary yelling and false urgency. All pretty expected.
    Can someone fill me in on the failed team and then I’m good to delete the recording without watching?

    • The stooges liked the red team’s entree, zucchini flowers, better than the green team’s calimari and that’s why the red team was safe. Larissa’s dessert was dish of the day but that didn’t matter since she was on the green team.
      Not really worth watching the episode, IMHO.

  5. So disappointed that Abbey will not be going into elimination. Interesting how Christina treated her fellow contestants compared to Abbey. Christina did push them but she was positive whereas Abbey was not the team captain but the team commandant. Gruff and rude, with very few positive things to say, dismissed the Nonna’s remarks about the beef cheeks.
    Both teams make panna cotta….grrrrr.
    To me the zucchini flowers looked inconsistent with some very beige when they should have been golden. Didn’t think there was really any difference between the flowers and the calimari when it came to appearance.
    Once again the diners have no vote and that is NOT the way it should be. 83 people dining and only 3 people have a say.

    • Agree – the zukes looked very blonde. Nonna: “I don’t know anything about veg cheeks.” Nonna two mins later: “It’s important those beef cheeks are really tender.”

    • Not one team make tiramisu. You can prepare in a tray and cut to portions. Not that difficult.

  6. Thank you Smythe – it didn’t seem like one to bother going back to and I appreciate you taking one for the team.
    My Abbey dislike does not need feeding any more, so it is probably best that I skip it, lol. And I can’t even look forward to the HOPE that she will be eliminated . . . the joy has gone out of my day!

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